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"I like to be fair - it's grown up": English young people playing the Ultimatum Game Ross, A. & Holden, C. London: CiCe 2009
"It changed me it showed me both sides of the story": young people's conceptions and experiences of citizenship in Northern Ireland Khaoury, R. London: CiCe 2009
"It's the thing to do": Spanish students' intra and international Ultimatum Game exchange Dooly, M. & Vallejo, C. London: CiCe 2009
"Then I lost Hope" - how schools produce failure and dropouts and about suggestions given by pupils about how they would have got better school results Cederberg, M. & Ericsson Sjöö London: CiCe 2009
'Children as social actors' project web   URL
'Citizenship': what does it mean to trainee teachers in England, Hungary and Spain? Fülöp, M., Davies, I. & Navarro Sada, A. London: CiCe 2008
'Culture, Citizenship and Curriculum 1': early understandings from British secondary schools Alice Pettigrew CiCe Publications 2005
'Educating for Citizenship' Kathleen Cotton web   URL
'No school left behind' Rob Foster CiCe Publications 2005
'The English are all in Spain' Educating European Citizens: experiences from England Holden, C. London: CiCe 2008
'We're Going to Have to be Careful With This One': The Attitudes and Perceptions of Student History Teachers in Relation to Teaching Controversial Topics Woolley, M., & Wragg, T. CiCe Publications 2007
18-year-old Hungarian student perceptions about a Hungarian feature film made during the Stalinist period of Hungary Ákos Gocsál and Judit Cseh CiCe Publications 2001
18-year-old Hungarian students' Perceptions about a Hungarian feature film Ákos Gocsál and Judit Cseh CiCe Publications 2001
21st Century Citizens. (Teacher Pack and Pupil book) Combes, A. Cable Education 2001  
A Comparative Evaluation of German, Italian and Turkish University Students’ Perceptions on Democracy Kıncal, R. Y., Şahin, C. & Kartal, O. Y. London: CiCe 2010
A History of the CiCe Academic Network – Part 2: Learning to Walk Ross, A. London: CiCe 2013
A Joint European Masters Degree in Citizenship Education: a model of implementing a Joint European Masters within the Bologna process Alistair Ross CiCe Guidelines 2005
A New Method for Citizenship Education Jan Lorencovic CiCe Publications 2004
A Visit to a Multicultural School: A Case Study in Finland Lahti, L. CiCe Publications 2007
A cartoon says more than a thousand words Hugo Verkest CiCe 2000
A conceptualisation of the political for contemporary Europe Nones, A. CiCe Publications 2006
A course in citizenship issues for student teachers Curriculum Group CiCe Publications 2002  
A cross-national programme to measure Mikel Asensio CiCe Publications 1999
A democratic perspective of educational change: self-evaluation and the clarification of values Randi Andersen CiCe Publications 2002
A diverse learning community: the role of continuing professional development Ross Maggie Trentham Books 2005  
A gathering of equals: a workshop of how to create communities of democratic enquiry in the classroom Katner, Garth and Temes, Peter CiCe Publications 2002
A glimpse of secondary school: Competences and performance from a sample of teachers and students in Italy Chistolini, S. London: CiCe 2010
A history course to develop European citizenship Maria Luisa A. Varela de Freitas CiCe Publications 2001
A history of the CiCe Academic Network – Part 3: the network consolidates Ross, A. London: CiCe 2014
A history of the CiCe Academic Network – part 1: Genesis Ross, A. London: CiCe 2012
A holistic perspective to English language teaching in Europe: Language, culture and identity project Issa, I., Tuz, F. & Önder, A. London: CiCe 2011
A new cultural canon in a new multicultural world: Identity, diversity and multiculturalism between past and future in Romania’s Banat Oprescu, F. & Oprescu, M. London: CiCe 2011
A pedagogy of audio-visual literacy: The promoting and improvement of culture, media and citizenship education in society Mašek, J. London: CiCe 2012
A process from accounts to reflections: working with a multicultural group of 72 teacher students Hartsmar, Nanny CiCe Publications 2002
A shift in the citizenship paradigm: the case of the Greek elementary education curricula (1984-2007) Flouris, G. & Pasias, G. London: CiCe 2008
A társadalomismeret tantárgy szociológiai megközelítése Schandt Mária Pécsi Tanoda Alapítvány, Pécs 2002  
A wider perspective on public space Inge-Marie Svensson, Gunnilla Welwert CiCe Publications 2005
APU University Library web   URL
Academic Student Inventory: Self-Observation Year: Exploring Teacher Candidate Identity Development Riojas Clark, E., & Bustos Flores, B. CiCe Publications 2007
Accountability and Ethics Education: Using friendships as models for broader social processes Fortlouis Wood, L. London: CiCe 2010
Activating Social Capital: Parents’ Ways of Getting Involved in Their Children’s Education Bouakaz, L. CiCe Publications 2007
Active Citizenship and Identities – Towards a Fourth Phase for CiCe Ross, A. CiCe Publications 2007
Active Citzenship and Contexts of Special Education Alevriadou, A. & Lang, L. London: CiCe 2011
Active Learning in Citizenship Education: Student Teacher Perceptions Clarke, M & Killeavy, M CiCe Publications 2002
Active citizenship education in French everyday school life: issues and challenges Condette, S. London: CiCe 2011
Active learning and citizenship education in Europe Thomas Bauer, Marie Clarke, Eilina Dailidiene. CiCe Publications 2003
Active participation in the life of a social group versus emotional and social competences Beata Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz CiCe Publications 2004
Adding Value: School's Responsibility for Pupils' Personal Development Inman, S. and Buck, M Trentham 1995  
Addressing political extremism through education: reflections from case-study research Cynthia L. Miller CiCe Publications 2001
Adolescents and social networks in French high schools: Is it possible to build a community of citizens? Chauvigné, C. London: CiCe 2012
Adolescents' attitudes toward human rights and responsibilities: comparison between juvenile delinquents and nondelinquents Koiv, K. London: CiCe 2009
Adolescents’ Views of Citizenship Education in Spain Messina, C., Navarro, A, & Jacott, L. CiCe Publications 2007
Adolescents’ perceptions of their digital rights Garcia, T., Agustin, S., Seguro, V. & Juanes Garcia, A. London: CiCe 2012
Adolescents’ perceptions on citizenship: Analysing empathy and social engagement by positioning dilemmas Pérez Manjarrez, E. London: CiCe 2012
Adolescent´s views on immigration in Spain Navarro, A. et al London: CiCe 2010
Adult Education in Latvia within the system of Lifelong Learning: issues and solutions in the context of citizenship education Jurgena, I. & Mikainis, Z. London: CiCe 2010
Aesthetics makes sense! Guidelines for aesthetics and arts in citizenship education Dinvaut, A., Bak, H., Sinnige, A. & Kratsborn, W. London: CiCe 2005
African immigrant perceptions of their identity and place in French society Winstead, L. London: CiCe 2008
All different, all equal. Education pack for intercultural education with young people and adults - European, Youth Centre 1995  
An Analysis of Television Programmes for Children Broadcast in Hungary and Turkey Pembecioglu Öcel, N., Gocsál, A., & Tóth, R. CiCe Publications 2007
An Analysis of primary school children's attitudes to citizenship and implications for teacher education Hana Lukasova-Kantorkova, Martina Rozsypalova, Marta Sigutova CiCe Publications 2002
An Inclusive Europe: New Minorities in Europe Turnšek, N., Hinge, H. & Karakatsani, D. London: CiCe 2009
An analysis of how citizenship education is implemented Christine Roland-Lévy CiCe Publications 2005
An excessive virtuous identity: Europe moves to censor historians Cajani, L. London: CiCe 2008
An experience of education for peace and human rights in teacher training Guerra Pratas, M. H. London: CiCe 2009
An innovative humanistic approach to analysing students’ perceptions of the lesson Rone, S. & Vidnere, M. London: CiCe 2014
An international academic discussion platform as a means of identity building for university; students' opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of EU membership Kovalcikova, I. & Petrucijova, J. London: CiCe 2013
An intervention program for the development of children's argumentative competencies upon socio-moral dilemmas Chelmis, Sarantis CiCe Publications 2002
Analysis of Citizenship Curriculum Materials Sarantis K. Chelmis - 1995  
Analysis of adolescents' attitudes and opinions: the pre-conditions for effective education for citizenship Pavel Vacek, Jan Lasek, CiCe Publications 2002
Analysis of pictures in reading textbooks for 6-year-old children Gocsal, Akosl CiCe Publications 2002
Anthropology in Action web   URL
Approaches of citizenship as they appeared in the proceedings of CiCe, content analysis CiCe Working Group Strand 1: Aypay, A. et al London: CiCe 2009
Approaches to citizenship and social education training: For inexperienced teachers and “conseillers principaux d’éducation” Chauvigné, C. & Étienne, R. London: CiCe 2011
Approaches to the Education of Asylum Seeker Children in Slovakia and the UK: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Foster, R., & Kovalcikova, I. CiCe Publications 2007
Approaching Europe: needs and barriers of children and adolescents Misiejuk, D: CiCe Publications 2003
Are Pupils Taking a Proactive Part in the School Social Life Popular Within Their Peer Group? Krzywozs-Rynkiewicz, B. CiCe Publications 2006
Art Education as a Space to Improve us as Citizens? Zikmundova, V. CiCe Publications 2007
Art and citizenship: a join venture or a fatal attraction Verkest Hugo Trentham Books 2005  
Assessing and developing teacher’s multicultural competence as a dimension of global citizenship Spinthourakis, J., Karatzia-Stavlioti, E. CiCe Publications 2006
Assessing intercultural communicative competence in practice through intercultural citizenship education Huang, M. London: CiCe 2013
Assessment of and for active citizenship and lifelong learning Virta, A. London: CiCe 2010
Assessment of textbooks for the Greek Language as a Second and/or Foreign Language used in Greek Minority Primary Schools Diamantopoulou, A. & Antonopoulou, P. London: CiCe 2010
Attitudes and Identity: A Comparative Study of the Perspectives of European Children Beata Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz, Cathie Holden, Panayotta Papoulia-Tzelepi and Julia Spinthourakis, Maria Luisa de Freitas, Hugo Verkest, Marjanca Pergar Ku CiCe Publications 2002
Attitudes and identity: a comparative study of the perspectives of European children Beata Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz, Cathie Holden, Panayota Papoulia-Tzelepi, Maria Luisa de Freitas, Hugo Verkest, Marjanca Kuscer, Akos Gocsal, Riita Korhone CiCe Publications 2001
Attitudes of Greek children toward immigrant children Papoulia-Tzelepi et al: CiCe Publications 2003
Attitudes of Latvian youth towards migration in the European context Liduma, A. & Rone, S. London: CiCe 2008
Attitudes of Romany/non-Romany adolescents towards citizenship Vacek & Lasek: CiCe Publications 2003
Attitudes of Slovenian teachers towards Romany children Irena Lesar CiCe Publications 2005
Attitudes towards European Union citizenship D. Edye Trentham Books 2003  
Attitudes towards risk factors and the means of avoiding dropping out of school amongst female students in special schools Toming, H. London: CiCe 2014
Audio-visual media in citizenship education: How film can help to apply human rights education curriculum topics? Masek, J. & Maskova, P. London: CiCe 2009
Autonomy as a teacher trainees competence Wolodzko, E CiCe Publications 2004
Awareness of cultural identity and receptivity to other cultures in Latvia Jurgena, I: CiCe Publications 2003
Barriers to employability for refugee teachers in England Cunningham, P. CiCe Publications 2006
BeCaL web   URL
Becoming European with the Euro: Teenagers attitudes before and after 2002. Christine Roland-Lévy CiCe Publications 2002
Becoming a cultural personality through the early years Korhonen Riitta, Helenius Aili Trentham Books 2005  
Becoming a pre-school child Mansson, A. London: CiCe 2008  
Becoming a pre-school child Mansson, A. London: CiCe 2008
Becoming a teacher in a global city: superdiversity and workplace constraints’ Benson, A. London: CiCe 2013
Becoming political in different countries C. Hahn Trentham Books 2003  
Being Good Blackburn, S. New York: Oxford University Press 2001  
Being a Teacher in Post-Modern Times: A Comparative Study in Italy, Slovakia, Turkey Chistolini, S., Kovalciková, I., Aktan Kerem, E., & Aypay, A. CiCe Publications 2007
Being a good citizen, competitor and entrepreneur in Hungary and in Britain: utopia or reality? Marta Fulop, Ian Davies, Merryn Hutchings, Alistair Ross, Mihály Berkics, Liz Floyd CiCe Publications 2001
Being a good friend. Constructions of friendship in Life Competence Education Löf, C. London: CiCe 2009
Best practices and new approaches in citizenship education in Europe Emilio Lastrucci CiCe Publications 2004
Between deliberative and critical citizenship education: reflections on theory and praxis Nikolakaki, M. London: CiCe 2008
Beyond the Boundaries of P.E.: Educating young people for citizenship and social responsibility Laker London, Routledge 2000  
Border Crossings: Young Peoples’ Identities in a Time of Change 1 - The Baltic States and Turkey Ross, A. London: CiCe 2010
Breaking women's social exclusion cycle? Social and education professionals' perspectives on Social Insertion Income beneficiaries Guedes Teixeira, E. London: CiCe 2012
British young people’s understanding of crime and violence in the local context: Reality or myth? Minty, S., Hollingworth, S., Allen, K. & Holden, C. London: CiCe 2010
Building culture in the classroom: the role of Romany assistants in the Romany classroom Iveta Kovalcikova, Juraj Kresila, Alica Petrasova CiCe Publications 2002
Building democratic citizenship: What schools could learn from social movements Hernández-Merayo, E. London: CiCe 2012
Bullies, victims and control group students: A comparison of different types of prosocial behaviour in peer and teacher-pupil relations Kõiv, K. CiCe Publications 2006
CAP methodology in settling in to school Eriksson-Sjöö, T. London: CiCe 2008
CEWC-Cymru web   URL
Can 'money' help teach citizenship to our children? Etienne, R CiCe Publications 2003
Can citizens captain the ship of state? Stevick & Koopman: CiCe Publications 2003
Can primary socialisation be democratic? Fumat, Yveline CiCe Publications 2002
Can schools educate for democracy? Monsen, L: CiCe Publications 2003
Can teaching a foreign language in Serbia contribute to Europe-oriented education? Vujovic, A CiCe Publications 2004
Can the teacher's personality influence development of identity in pupils? Marjanca Pergar Kuscer CiCe Publications 2001
Cape-Verdean adolescents living in Portugal Mauricio & Monteiro: CiCe Publications 2003
Center for Civic Education web   URL
Center for democratic citizenship 1900 URL
Center of Civic Education web   URL
Central and peripheral dialogic resources in the development of societal and citizenship understanding Jeff Vass CiCe Publications 2002
Centre for Citizenship Studies in Education University of Leicester web   URL
Centre for International Research in Childhood web   URL
Centre for the Social Study of Childhood web   URL
Challenges facing citizenship education in (post) conflict areas: a comparison between Northern Ireland and Palestine Rana Alhelsi CiCe Publications 2005
Challenges of Biodiversity Besnard, M. London: CiCe 2010
Challenging discrimination: does holocaust education in the primary years have an effect on pupils’ citizenship values in their first year of secondary schooling? Paula Cowan, Henry Maitles CiCe Publications 2005
Changes in Identity Roland-Levy, C. CiCe Publications 2006
Changes in Students’ Values in Estonia Haav, K. CiCe Publications 2007
Changing Childhoods: a sourcebook for teaching 8-12s about children and social change in Britain sin - London, SCF 1996  
Changing Migration Patterns in the UK: Implications for Education Rutter, J. CiCe Publications 2006
Changing practices, changing identities: a study with pupils at risk of educational exclusion Carvalho, C. et al London: CiCe 2008
Changing professional practice: A sociology of childhood for the right of children to participate Manuela Ferreira and Maria Emília Vilarinho CiCe Publications 2000
Characters with special needs in the contemporary children's books: The role of education in community building versus social stereotypes Kotopoulos, T., Alevriadou, A., Vamvakidou, I. & Michailidis, E. London: CiCe 2012
Child labour - a moral issue and limited strategy among children in the welfare state of Sweden. Elisabet Näsman, Christina von Gerber and Miriam H CiCe Publications 1999
Child social participation and active citizenship M. J. Sarmento, Natália Soares e Catarina Tomás CiCe Publications 2004
Children 5 - 16 Programme web   URL
Children and democracy in daily life Kirsten Scheel Nielsen and Jesper Froda CiCe Publications 2001
Children and social identity Hegstrup Soren Trentham Books 2005  
Children as Citizens: An Introduction Holden, C CiCe Publications 2007
Children as targets for war and peace memories: Narratives from defence museums or war and peace memorials in St Petersburg, Münster, Verdun, Paris, London, Copenhagen and Stockholm Andersson, I. London: CiCe 2012
Children in a prison environment Leena Graeffe CiCe Publications 2002  
Children in kindergarten - a possibility to participate in democracy? Helle Kjcrulff CiCe Publications 2001
Children living with violence: Identifying the effects on their behaviour and their views about their own self-image and school performance Koutselini, M. & Valanidou, F. London: CiCe 2012
Children's Political Learning: Concept based approaches versus Issue based approaches A. Ross Trentham Books 2003  
Children's Rights in the public room Svennson, I-M & Welwert, G CiCe Publications 2004
Children's citizenship, education and Europe-moving beyond rights to embrace respect and recognition Larkin, C. London: CiCe 2009
Children's constructions of work in manufacturing industry: the contribution of experiences in prima Merryn Hutchings CiCe Publications 1999
Children's friendships Kim Svendsen, Kirsten Scheel Nielsen, Helle Kjaerulff and Jesper Froda CiCe Publications 2000
Children's identities and experiences of democracy Yveline Fumat CiCe Publications 2004
Children's identity in a school culture of computers and multiple voices Anne-Mari Folkesson CiCe Publications 2003
Children's intercultural identity development through the teaching of languages Spinthourakis Julia, Sifakis Nicos Trentham Books 2005  
Children's national identity and attitudes toward other nationalities in a monocultural society: the Polish example Beata Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz Trentham Books 2002  
Children's participation in their physical environment in pre-school de Jong, M., Eklundh, A. & Lutz, K. London: CiCe 2009
Children's perspectives on citizenship education in primary education textbooks de Freitas Luisa Trentham Books 2005  
Children's philosophical exploration concerning ethical issues Lindahl, I. London: CiCe 2009
Children's reflections on income and savings H. Elvstrand Trentham Books 2002  
Children's tolerance for different cultures: an educational perspective - a pilot study Beata Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz, Ewa Topczewska, Malgorzata Derkowska CiCe Publications 1999
Children's understanding of society: psychological studies and their educational implications Anna Emilia Berti Trentham Books 2002  
Children, culture and media Kristin Dyrfjordð CiCe Publications 2001
Children´s ideas concerning the things they own, their income and their saving - primary school chil Helene Elvstrand CiCe Publications 2000
Children’s Choice: A Discourse Analysis of the Citizenship Issues in Turkey Pembecioğlu Öcel, N., Nezih Orhon, E., Özmen, S. CiCe Publications 2006
Children’s Concerns: Voices from Spain – Children’s Hopes and Fears for their Future Naval, C., & Repáraz, C. CiCe Publications 2007
Children’s Hopes and Fears in the Ukraine Nikolayenko, O. CiCe Publications 2007
Children’s Participation in Decision Making in Slovene Kindergartens Turnšek, N. CiCe Publications 2007
Children’s Understanding of Pupils’ Responsibility – A Self-Responsibility Model Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz, B. CiCe Publications 2007
Children’s Views of Family and Institutional Socialization on Competition and Cooperation Sandor, M. CiCe Publications 2006
Children’s right to physical immunity: the legislative situation in Estonia and its implications for education Merle Taimalu CiCe Publications 2005
Children’s voice and participation in all school contexts Parreiral, S. London: CiCe 2013
Child’s identity and citizenship begins in the early years Korhonen, R., Hegstrup, S. CiCe Publications 2006
Citizens of Europe - at home in Europe: An experienced concept for teacher training courses Thomas Bauer CiCe Publications 2000
Citizens of the Future: South Africa Claire, H. CiCe Publications 2007
Citizens of the Future: The Concerns and Actions of Young People around Current European and Global Issues: Preliminary Results from Catalan Teacher Trainees Dooly, M. CiCe Publications 2007
Citizens of the future: how young people perceive social problems from both local and global perspectives Krzywosz-Rynkiwicz, B. & Zalewska, A. London: CiCe 2008
Citizens of the future: how young people perceive social problems from both local and global perspectives Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz, B. & Zalewska, A. M. London: CiCe 2009
Citizenship Education Research Network (CERN) web   URL
Citizenship Education and Social Justice. From Theory to Practice Juanes García, A., García, T. & Pérez-Manjarrez, E. London: CiCe 2013
Citizenship Education and the Inclusion of Vulnerable Young People Etienne, R., Parkinson, S. & Verkest, H. London: CiCe 2005
Citizenship Education as a Challenge in Kindergarten Teacher Education Korhonen, R., & Graeffe, L. CiCe Publications 2007
Citizenship Education at Schools in Multicultural settings: The Construction of Identity among Teenager from Minority Groups Àngel Essomba, M. CiCe Publications 2006
Citizenship Education for children of the elite in England Leighton, R. London: CiCe 2013
Citizenship Education in Greece: Current situation and new dilemmas Despina Karakatsani, D., Pavlos, C. & Printezi, A. London: CiCe 2011
Citizenship Education in Ireland: Recent and Current Practice Maureen Killeavy CiCe Publications 1999
Citizenship Education in Latvia Z. Chehlova, I. Gode & Sokolova M. Chehlov CiCe Publications 2004
Citizenship Education in a Multicultural 'Democracy' of the 'old' Europe: the case of Great Britain Ioannis M. Fragkoulis CiCe Publications 2004
Citizenship Education in the Integrated Curriculum Andersone, R. CiCe Publications 2007
Citizenship Education in the New Interdisciplinary National Curriculum of Greece Chelmis, S & Matsagouras, E CiCe Publications 2002
Citizenship Education in the Social Studies Curriculum in Turkey Aksit, N. London: CiCe 2010
Citizenship Education: An Examination of the Relationship between the Crick Report and Policy Implementation in the UK Miles, S. CiCe Publications 2006
Citizenship Education: Identity issues in a time of Diaspora, Migration and Settlement Issa, T., Dinvaut, A., Petrucijova, J. CiCe Publications 2006
Citizenship Education: Identity issues in a time of diaspora, migration and settlement Issa, T., Dinvaut, A. & Petrucijova, J. London: CiCe 2006
Citizenship Education: an analysis of some experiences in the Basque country Concha Maiztegui Oñate CiCe Publications 2005
Citizenship In Slovenia : educational goals and statements Jana Bezensek CiCe Publications 2001
Citizenship Initial Teacher Training and the Internet 2000 URL
Citizenship News web    
Citizenship Values and Political Education in Greek Prmary School: An Historical Perspective Sarantis K. Chelmis CiCe Publications 1999
Citizenship among young Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo? Christensen & Rasmussen CiCe Publications 2003
Citizenship and Educational Provision Davies, I Falmer 2000  
Citizenship and Identity Education in Ireland in the Post-Celtic Tiger era: impacts and possibilities. Rami, J., Lalor, J. CiCe Publications 2006
Citizenship and Non-Formal Education: The Effective Engagement Between The School and the Community (Contexts, Purposes and Dynamics) Miquel Angel Essomba CiCe Publications 2005
Citizenship and educational policies in defeating social inequalities Goriup, J. & Kolnik, K. London: CiCe 2011
Citizenship and environmental education Jan Lorencovic, Eva Lorencovicová, CiCe Publications 2005
Citizenship and language education in Japanese high schools Hosack, I. London: CiCe 2012
Citizenship and the system of values Erliha, S. London: CiCe 2009
Citizenship as active participatory learning in the teaching of Geography Kolnik, K. London: CiCe 2011
Citizenship crisis in France, education citizenship crisis Zoïa, G. & Étienne, R. London: CiCe 2013
Citizenship education - challenges, possibilities, difficulties Leena Graeffe CiCe Publications 2001
Citizenship education - what do student teachers need to know? Helen Lawson and Kate Edmonds CiCe Publications 2001
Citizenship education and its antitheses in the light of knowledge society discourse Męczkowska-Christiansen, A. London: CiCe 2014
Citizenship education and media pedagogy: developing citizenship skills with media environments Mašek, J. London: CiCe 2008
Citizenship education and non-citizens: learning about asylum-seekers and refugees in the UK Jill Rutter CiCe Publications 2002
Citizenship education and the moral person: towards the educational congruence between the cognitive and affective, the clinical and the neurophysiological dimension of morality Sarantis K. Chelmis CiCe Publications 2001
Citizenship education and the multicultural dimension: strategies for the secondary classroom Tözün Issa CiCe Publications 2005
Citizenship education as identity formation in Greek primary schools Nikolakaki, M CiCe Publications 2003
Citizenship education curriculum, teaching methods, attitudes and newcomers: a need for change? G. Nikolaou and J.A. Spinthourakis CiCe Publications 2004
Citizenship education in Mathematics: exercises with a European context Rudolf Raubik CiCe Publications 2001
Citizenship education in Spain: current perspectives in a diverse society Maiztegui Oñate, C. et al London: CiCe 2008
Citizenship education in context: the role of professional collaboration for citizenship for Europe Mary Koutselini CiCe Publications 2000
Citizenship education in non-formal contexts: The role of city councils Seguro, V., Agustín, S., Preckler, M., Sainz, V. & Jacott, L. London: CiCe 2012
Citizenship education in the Irish curriculum: processes of teacher-child interaction in social learning Marie Clarke and Maureen Killeavy CiCe Publications 2000
Citizenship education in the UK: a radical alternative or failed communitarian experiment? Jill Rutter CiCe Publications 2002
Citizenship education in the secondary school: Latvian experience and problems Inese Jurgena, Zigurds Mikainis CiCe Publications 2005
Citizenship education resources at Questia web   URL
Citizenship education through art web   URL
Citizenship education through the eyes of teachers in post-graduate professional development Florbela Trigo-Santos and Carolina Carvalho CiCe Publications 2004
Citizenship education: curriculum and communication aspects of 'e-citizenship' Jan Mašek CiCe Publications 2004
Citizenship education: models and discourses David Scott and Helen Lawson CiCe Publications 2001
Citizenship education: the global dimension web   URL
Citizenship education: the role of media environments in active learning Jan Mašek CiCe Publications 2002
Citizenship for the 21st Century: An International Perspective on Education Cogan, J. - Derricott, R London: Kogan Paul 2000  
Citizenship for the Future: A Practical Classroom Guide Hicks, D. Godalming, WWF 2001  
Citizenship in Slovenia: statements and contents for development Jana Bezensek CiCe Publications 2000
Citizenship in a changing world: Studies of two different geographical areas Welwert, g. & Inge-Marie Svensson, I-M. London: CiCe 2011
Citizenship in a changing world: What is missing in teachers’ competences? Pratas, H. & Amado, N. London: CiCe 2011
Citizenship in combating students’ violence against teachers Goriup, J. & Šoba, V. A. London: CiCe 2011
Citizenship in mainly white UK Schools - the marginalisation of the minority ethnic voice Carroll, Pam CiCe Publications 2002
Citizenship promotion opportunities: reflections on the Comenius project ‘Me and My Europe: Intercultural Challenges of Modern Pre-primary Education’ Liduma, A. London: CiCe 2014
Citizenship à la carte. A new paradigm of immigration policy? Facts and figures Wolfgang Berg CiCe Publications 2004
Citizenship, arts and culture education on the web: what projects are mediated by the ‘virtual space’ for teaching practice and children’s activities? Masek, J., Zikmundova, V. CiCe Publications 2006
Citizenship, cultural identity, and exclusion Yveline Fumat CiCe Publications 2000
Citizenship: concept and education in France and in England Luna, G. CiCe Publications 2006
Citizen’s alternatives for participation in Finnish social studies textbooks for compulsory and senior secondary schools Arja Virta CiCe Publications 2005
Civic Education and Non-Citizens. Experience of the Czech Educational System Jelena Petrucijova CiCe Publications 2004
Civic Education in Albania during the first decade of democracy Teuta Mati, Shpresa Petrela and Gent Mati CiCe Publications 2001
Civic Education, social and personal development and citizenship education: changes in Portugal through the 20th Century Maria Luísa A. V. de Freitas CiCe Publications 1999
Civic education as transformation? Studying teachers within international networks Stevick, E.D.: CiCe Publications 2003
Civic education in the U.S. and Israel web   URL
Civic education on the Web Masek, J CiCe Publications 2003
Civic protest before and after Iceland's economic crisis: adolescents speak about participation Adalbjarnardottir, S. & Markusdottir, M. A. London: CiCe 2009
Class Council Elections – Criteria for making civic decisions by teenagers: Explicit and implicit attitudes Beata Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz CiCe Publications 2005
Co-Teaching Citizenship Within the Process of European Integration: The Romanian Experiences of Formal and Non-Formal Education Filimon, L., Danciu, M., Popa, C., & Laurian, S. CiCe Publications 2007
Co-operative Learning in Oppland County Lars Monsen CiCe Publications 2004
Cognitive characteristics of political thinking in Hungary Harsányi, S. G. London: CiCe 2009
Cold Hearted Cynics vs Concerned Citizens: Re-Visiting the Notion of Social-Political Cynicism and its Relationship to Citizenship Berkics, M. CiCe Publications 2007
Collective identity in Greek Cypriots' curriculum: the case of primary educations curriculum Chrysovalante, G. & Spinthourakis, J-A. London: CiCe 2009
Communicating climate change and energy issues to children: The Schools at University for Climate and Energy – ‘SAUCE’ –programme Watts, N. & Annette Piening, A. London: CiCe 2011
Communicative Competences as an Instrument for European Identity Lobanova, T., & Shunin, Y. CiCe Publications 2007
Community Citizenship Education web   URL
Community Sport Coaching and Citizenship Education: Educating the Coaches Blundell, D., & Cunningham, P. CiCe Publications 2007
Community building: Local Press coverage of the incorporation of refugees from Asia Minor into the Greek State Diamantopoulou, A. London: CiCe 2012
Competences of teachers and experiences of students in German secondary school Wagner, B. London: CiCe 2010
Competencies for educators in Citizenship Education & the Development of Identity: 1 Rami, J., Lalor, J., Berg, W., Lorencovic, J., Lorencovicova, E., Maiztegui Onate, C., Elm, A. CiCe Publications 2006
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