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Parental involvement as multiple forms of citizenship - the school and parents project

Author(s) Teresa Sarmento  
Publisher CiCe Publications  
Year 2004  
Editor A. Ross, The Experience of Citizenship  
Language English  
Age group -  
Relations between school and community today are both legally defined and based on a socio-pedagogical premise. Yet mutual collaboration has many obstacles, both from internal elements in schools and from its community partners. With the objective of understanding the reasons for such oppositions, as well as the virtues of cooperation, am action investigation was developed, in which a group of trainers and teachers tried to promote the development of context practices that support educational continuity between school and community. This is a form of citizenship. After an initial stage in which each trainer/teacher reflected on his/her own experience and the benefits of a shared construction, their acquired knowledge (depending on the contexts where they work) have been analysed and activated. In this process the presumption that different social actors had autonomy has been very difficult. This paper summarises the work of the project so far and discusses processes still being developed. Three questions are proposed for discussion: How do practices that include children's rights as social actors and take their wishes/interests into consideration? How deeply is parental involvement valued by parents themselves? How deeply are different educational agents interested in overcoming constraints in order to develop/assert citizenship?

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