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Linguistic awareness intervention through drama play in the pre-school

Author(s) Riitta Korhonen  
Publisher CiCe Publications  
Year 1999  
Editor Alistair Ross, Young Citizens in Europe  
Language English  
Age group -  
This research examines children`s linguistic awareness before school age. In Finland compulsory education starts at seven, before which many children are in voluntary pre- school groups. Teaching to read and write starts in the first school year. This research started in the autumn of 1998; two test groups and a control group, 92 subjects in total, were chosen from three pre-schools in Rauma. The test groups had interventions in their programmes; one based on fairy tales, play and learning called “ Secret World”, and the other a computer based language program “ aLeksis. Children were tested before interventions in September and October and the last tests were in spring 1999. The program based on fairy tales and plays is of particular interest: the instructions for the drama play and the different theme programs were videotaped, and will be analysed later. This report describes drama play as a learning method.

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