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Interdisciplinarity - the way to cooperate across the professions - or an illusion?

Author(s) Søren Hegstrup  
Publisher CiCe Publications  
Year 1999  
Editor Alistair Ross, Young Citizens in Europe  
Language English  
Age group -  
In this paper, the interdisciplinary approach as a theory of science method should be perceived as a theory attempting to link up a number of disciplines. For example, medical science linking up with the social sciences to form the socio-medical sciences. This century has seen many attempts at linking a number of health problems to poor social conditions. Present-day socio-medical explanations of alcohol and drug problems illustrate this well. Sciences such as sociopsychology, cultural sociology and socioanthropology are further examples of interdisciplinary sciences whose aim is to link up in providing possible explanations of cultural and social problems. I shall, however, refrain from progressing further along this theory of science tangent, as it is outside the scope of this paper, but merely make a reference to Eva Hultengren , a theorist on the theory of science who, in her thesis 'Tværfaglighed som politisk undervisning' (Interdisciplinary approaches as political teaching) argues that the interdisciplinary approach should be perceived as a theory of science discipline. In practice, it is a political strategy - a political activity or action.

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