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Migrations and cultural change in the school

Author(s) Villanueva & Gonzalo:  
Publisher CiCe Publications  
Year 2003  
Editor Europe of Many Cultures, Alastair Ross Ed.  
Language English  
Age group -  
In 1993 research was carried out on students' ideas about migration during a Geography course at our Faculty of Education. The main interest of the research was the exploration of students' family memories, in order to study and interpret their feelings and attitudes towards the new waves of migration in Europe, which at that time were just becoming apparent in Spain. The fact that almost 80% of the students were descendants of the internal migration movements from the deep rural areas of southern Spain to the more industrialised areas between 1950 and 1970 was the starting point. The study, based on their personal feelings and memories, tried to explore those elements which could be used to analyse their ideas and attitudes towards the incipient flows of foreign migration.

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