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The responses of English and Hungarian teachers to some hypothetical dilemmas concerning citizenship

Author(s) Merryn Hutchings, Ian Davies, Marta Fulop, Alistair Ross, Mihály Berkics, Ian Gregory, Liz Floyd  
Publisher CiCe Publications  
Year 2001  
Editor A. Ross, Learning for Democratic Europe  
Language English  
Age group -  
This paper reports on one aspect of a joint project between researchers in Hungary and England (see also Davies et al. and Fulop et al. in this volume). The aim of the project is to compare the perceptions of teachers in the two countries of the interactions and overlaps between citizenship and enterprise education. In initial discussions we found that members of the research team had varied ideas about the meaning of terms such as citizenship, competition, enterprise and entrepreneurship. We suspected, then, that these terms would also have different meanings for teachers in the two countries, and set out to explore these. We also decided to investigate the differences between responses of teachers in the capitals (London and Budapest) and in smaller university cities (York and Szeged). The interview schedule started by posing five practical dilemmas that citizens may be faced with. These involve balancing the needs of the individual, other known individuals, and the public. Teachers were asked to respond to these before a more general discussion of citizenship and enterprise education. This paper focuses only on reponses to the dilemmas.

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