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Meeting the other Culture

Author(s) Kjaerulff, Helle  
Publisher CiCe Publications  
Year 2002  
Editor Future Citizens in Europe Ed. Alistair Ross  
Language English  
Age group -  
At Slagelse Institute of Social Education the students have to study in a period of 10 weeks (a semester) INTERNATIONAL PEDAGOGY as a part of the student's education to their coming job as a qualified social educator in a modern society in Europe. For this purpose Slagelse Institute plans and develops courses which have a special focus upon subjects as: The Multiethnic Denmark. Who are the Danes? The need for the New Danes? Integration in Denmark. The European Dimension. The Global World?And the meeting with the other culture! Denmark is relatively small and has a largely mono-genetic population, but from 1960 forward o Denmark has seen changes in population and the problems and challenges which new citizens - immigrants and refugees - created in Danish society. This is of course also an issue which has to be dealt with in our education-system, so the reforms made in 1992 in the Social Education Institutes was highly updated with demands upon International Pedagogy. We have prioritised two main streams: (1) The immigrants' situation and the pedagogy, which has developed during these years in Denmark and (2) Danish students' meeting with the foreigners, both in Denmark and in other countries. Slagelse Seminariet also has a one- year course for immigrants and refugees to train them in the area of Danish Culture, Danish Language, and the Danish Education system. [This course] enables the students to continue on in the field of Social Education ? Teaching and Social Care. Denmark is rapidly changing to a multicultural society?and in this change the Education-system has an important role to play.

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