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Primary school pupils' attitudes to questions on citizenship

Author(s) Luková-Kantorková, Hana, Rozsypalova, Martina & Sigutova, Márta  
Publisher CiCe Publications  
Year 2002  
Editor Future Citizens in Europe Ed. Alistair Ross  
Language English  
Age group -  
In the years 2000-2001, with the support of CiCe, we started our international co-operation with colleagues from Portugal, mainly with Prof. Maria Luisa Amaral Varela de Freitas from University of Minho, Braga. The questionnaire investigating into primary school pupils' attitudes towards citizenship was translated into Czech and consequently, in the years 2001-2002, research has been carried out in two types of primary schools : firstly, in inner town schools (Ostrava, Havirov), and secondly, in a village school. The village school has been co-operating in the project called Citizen, run within the Czech Republic and in co-operation with the USA, for a long time. Comparing the data obtained from a sample in the Czech Republic with that from other countries may offer interesting insights into teacher education towards citizenship issues in general, and it may also provide interesting data for international comparison.

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