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Creating a new culture of communication

Author(s) Sarantis Chelmis, Marie Clarke, Riitta Korhonen, Cass Mitchell-Riddle, Sren Hegsrup,  
Publisher CiCe Publications  
Year 2002  
Editor Future Citizens in Europe Ed. Alistair Ross  
Language English  
Age group -  
CiCe was envisaged first and foremost as a network; one which would link members from many countries and disciplines who shared common professional and academic interests. The rest of its ambitious three-year programme involved setting up banks of data gathered from all members which would provide a cumulative resource for all members. The notion of reciprocity was and remains fundamental to CiCe's aims; what was required was a communications system which would allow easy contact among members and provide a forum for the open exchange of ideas as well as a place to store, share and extract data. The Livelink intranet program, which offered all these facilities and more, was made available to the fledgling network at its inception, but it soon became obvious that finding a suitable ICT platform was only the first step. Levels of usage were poor and have remained disappointing despite many and varied attempts to teach members about the facilities and to encourage use. Investigation showed that the level of access to ICT varied widely among member institutions, as of course did the ability of individuals to use the facilities they had, but a survey conducted by the Data Group, formed to address the usage problem, indicated that ICT in the wider sense - use of email and the web - did not seem to be a regular feature of the working life of many members. This paper considers the challenges faced by the CiCe network in achieving its particular aims within an ICT environment and, goes on to ask whether there is a wider challenge to be faced in persuading the academic community to add modern ICT to its professional skills so that the technology provides not just a tool but access to rich and rewarding resources.

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