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Citizenship in mainly white UK Schools - the marginalisation of the minority ethnic voice

Author(s) Carroll, Pam  
Publisher CiCe Publications  
Year 2002  
Editor Future Citizens in Europe Ed. Alistair Ross  
Language English  
Age group -  
This presentation is based on doctoral research conducted in a rural county in the South West of England which looks at the implementation of the new Citizenship curriculum in mainly white schools with special reference to the provision made for addressing issues of anti-racist and human rights education. Following the recommendations of the Macpherson report it was anticipated that anti-racism would feature as a key element of the Citizenship curriculum in schools. What appears to be taking place is that schools with few minority ethnic pupils are often (still) reluctant to address these issues from a specifically anti-racist perspective, and are more inclined to approach the subject via human rights education. This may be because they consider this approach to be less confrontational and more appropriate for areas with little contact experience of diversity. This presentation asks whether this approach is valid and effective, and considers whether minority ethnic children might themselves feel more comfortable with these more generalised initiatives. It also considers whether human rights education presents sufficient challenge to the 'learned misinformation' (Gaine, 2000, p90) about minority ethnic people acquired by many majority white children in these geographical areas.

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