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The challenging process of preparing education professionals to promote citizenship awareness

Author(s) Adalbjarnardottir, Sigrun  
Publisher CiCe Publications  
Year 2002  
Editor Future Citizens in Europe Ed. Alistair Ross  
Language English  
Age group -  
An essential question is how we can best support teachers in promoting their students' citizenship awareness. Different forms of programmes for working with practising teachers to promote students citizenship awareness will be presented. I will discuss the similarities and differences of these programmes with regard to their effectiveness. presentation is mainly based on the programme called Fostering students' sociomoral and interpersonal development that I have been running in Iceland for over a decade. I discuss various challenging tasks within this work with teachers, such as the nature of the topic itself (i.e. citizenship) and how teachers make meaning of their teaching of citizenship issues. Further, I outline what we have learned in this process with regard to: how to structure the programme, teacher motivation, teacher reflection, teacher professional awareness and skills, and how they relate to student progress. In addition, I stress political interest and understanding of the importance of citizenship education as a major factor in preparing professionals to promote citizenship The primary message of my presentation is that we need to be more serious about supporting teachers as they promote their students citizenship awareness. We must be aware of the best ways to promote teacher professional development that lead to effective and responsible teaching in the area of citizenship education. Teachers play a key role in organising constructive and meaningful experiences for the students in citizenship studies as they promote their social, moral, and emotional growth. If they feel insecure in this role and do not receive enough support, I think we can all agree that we cannot expect much progress in citizenship education at schools.

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