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The influence of geographical education on multicultural understanding and national identity in the

Author(s) Karmen Kolenc-Kolnik  
Publisher CiCe Publications  
Year 2000  
Editor Alistair Ross, Curricula for Citizenship in Europe  
Language English  
Age group -  
Comments: There are as many dimensions of international understanding and co-operation as there are viewpoints from which we can observe them. It is necessary to put among the global aims of modern geographical education the large meaning of active development of individual's abilities of spatial perception and valuation and also the role of geographical education in forming the basis for multicultural understanding because all of this is dictated by nowadays political changes and common social needs. This example was based on an aspect of geographical upbringing and education, and on an example of a secondary school pupil's vision of Slovenian-Italian and Slovenian-Hungarian nationally mixed frontier regions. The problem is linked to a concrete geographical space as well as to its pedagogical application and had, because of that, been interdisciplinary researched. All that was determined by defining aims, contents and methods of education.

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