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Education for Enterprising Citizens: perceptions of effective teaching

Author(s) Davies, Marta Fülöp, Merryn Hutchings, Alistair Ross  
Publisher CiCe Publications  
Year 2001  
Editor Alistair Ross Learning for a Democratic Europe  
Language English  
Age group -  
Comments: This paper seeks to explore the perceptions of teachers in Hungary and England about educational practice in relation to citizenship and enterprise. Both areas (citizenship and enterprise) hold significant interest for national governments and high status international organisations. There is currently an almost overwhelming amount of interest in citizenship education (Torney-Purta, Schwille and Amadeo 1999) and various commentators have often debated the significance of schools for developing enterprise and economic advantage (e.g. Barnett 1986; Rubinstein 1993). In these circumstances it may be useful to go beyond the assertions of policy makers and to explore what the teachers, who are given the responsibility for implementing these grand designs, actually think should be done in schools with and for young people. This paper is written in a tentative manner. The project from which this paper emerges has another year to run. The analysis presented here has been undertaken in a limited way with little attention given to the patterns across different types of respondents. This simple overview is presented only as a first reading of the data.

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