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An innovative humanistic approach to analysing students’ perceptions of the lesson

Author(s) Rone, S. & Vidnere, M.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2014  
Editor P. Cunningham & N. Fretwell (eds.) Innovative Practice and Research Trends in Identity, Citizenship and Education  
Age group -  
A changing paradigm of education in Latvia shows shift from transmission-based pedagogies to one that understands education as problem-centred in which pupil-teacher/teacher-pupil relations are central. This humanitarian approach with focus on the individual as a personality necessitates that the role of the teacher is not merely to transmit knowledge but rather to try to form their students as free, independent and responsible personalities. This research has focus on student perceptions of lesson content in order to identify opportunities to improve teacher performance. Research was carried out with 307 students from 4 gymnasiums where the primary study languages were Latvian and Russian. Analysis presented in this paper focuses on differences between gnostic, emotional and behavioural components towards students’ preferred subjects and the thematic content of lessons.

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