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The role of competition in the integration of immigrants to the host society

Author(s) Büki, N.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2013  
Editor P. Cunningham (ed.) Identities and Citizenship Education: Controversy, crisis and challenges  
Age group -  
Integration and social inclusion is essential for immigrants to become successful, con-tributing and active citizens (de Weerd et al, 2005) of the host society. Thus studying factors that are instrumental in acculturation carry important conclusions for integra-tion and citizenship issues. The present study aims to investigate such factors. This paper presents the results of an explorative pilot study. The study’s main goal was to test a theoretical model and to prepare a larger study on the role competition plays in immigrant groups, in acculturation and intercultural adaptation. Previous studies revealed the importance of competition between immigrants and the citizens of the host society in the acculturation of immigrants (Zagefka et al, 2007), in their opportunities to become accepted, contributing and active citizens (de Weerd et al, 2005) in their new society. At the same time in-group competition among immigrants is almost unexplored, just like its possible role regarding acculturation. However indirectly related studies (Grzymała-Kozłowska, 2005) and previously presented findings of the present study (Büki & Fülöp, 2012) suggest that in-group competition may play a role in acculturation. The latter suggests that different competitive patterns (Fülöp, 2009) inside the immigrant community can facilitate different acculturation strategies (Berry et al 2002). Beyond this competitive processes may be shaped by migration motives (Margo-lis, 2009) and by the domains of competition (Takács & Fülöp, 2013). However these issues remained almost unstudied so far. Keywords: immigration, competitive patterns, acculturation strategies, migration mo-tives, context/domain specificity

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