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Social Justice Representations of primary students

Author(s) Juanes García, A., Pérez-Manjarrez, E. & Fernández-González, A.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2013  
Editor P. Cunningham (ed.) Identities and Citizenship Education: Controversy, crisis and challenges  
Age group -  
This empirical study explores the representations of Spanish primary students´ on Social Justice. Some interviews were applied to a sample of 4th and 6th grade of primary education in a school of the Community of Madrid. The survey was designed on the basis of a set of Social Justice dilemmas. These dilemmas come from a questionnaire of other research that is being conducted simultaneously in our research group with secondary education students and teachers in Spain. The original questionnaire has thirty questions, while in the interview of the present study, we have selected only six dilemmas (two of Redistribution, three of Recognition and three of Representation / Participation, the three dimensions of Social Justice that we use in our research group). Our study represents a first approach to the representations of Social Justice for children in Madrid. The aim for a future is to be able to use our interview with the children of other Spanish communities and be able to realize comparisons. Keywords: Social Justice, primary students, gender, grade, dilemmas, Redistribution, Recognition, Representation/Participation

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