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School Leaders and Anti-racism. Political obstacles and pedagogical problems in Greece

Author(s) Karakatsani, D. & Pavlou, C.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2013  
Editor P. Cunningham (ed.) Identities and Citizenship Education: Controversy, crisis and challenges  
Age group -  
Nowadays in Greece -like elsewhere in Europe- racism, anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism are expanding. The rise of racist violence is a very worrying phenomenon, which is actually intensified by the economic crisis and the social problems in Greek society. Racism and xenophobia are fuelled by an anti-immigration rhetoric of politicians, mostly carried out by supporters of far-right groups like Golden Dawn. In the Greek educational field we also come across violent expressions of racism, especially in the secondary and vocational education. It appears that the role of the school principal and the whole group of educators in the educational unit is crucial. In this proposal we analyse 53 questionnaires addressed to school principals of secondary education in the Corinthian region. Our aim is to investigate the problems they face in their everyday life within the school community in relationship with racism and bullying and the way they deal with that. Our hypothesis is that the majority of these school managers do not understand the nature and extent of racism and are ill-equipped to deal with the more covert expressions of racism. It is also among our intentions to analyse the connection of school leadership with the terrain of antiracism pedagogy and human rights education and to develop the adequate conceptual and theoretical equipment for dealing with different problematic situations and achieving transformational tasks. Our aim is to shed light on various school-based behaviour management, antiracism pedagogical tools or anti-bullying policies that tackle race equity, community engagement and social justice within schools. Keywords: school leaders, antiracism, xenophobia, pedagogical tools.

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