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How Kurdish Sorani speaking children construct their identity/identities in the supplementary schools?

Author(s) Salih, S. & Issa, T.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2013  
Editor P. Cunningham (ed.) Identities and Citizenship Education: Controversy, crisis and challenges  
Age group -  
This paper discusses the findings of a small-scale qualitative research study and aims to explore “How Kurdish Sorani speaking children construct their identity/ identities in ’Gulan’ supplementary school”. It seeks the views of children, teachers and parents and explores their perceptions and understanding of identity and how this is constructed. It views the process of cultural and ethnic identity formation as shifting, changeable and dynamic and recognises how Kurdish Sorani speaking children live different identities according to differing situations. It also explores the social identity of parents and teachers as refugees; enabling a better understanding of their lived experiences in the UK, their integration and future aspirations. Consequently, these factors have a significant influence on how their children construct their identities.

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