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Citizenship education in non-formal contexts: The role of city councils

Author(s) Seguro, V., Agustín, S., Preckler, M., Sainz, V. & Jacott, L.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2012  
Editor P. Cunningham & N. Fretwell (eds.) Creating Communities: Local, National and Global  
Age group -  
This paper analyses the important role that city councils can play in the development of citizenship and social justice when working with children and adolescents in non-formal contexts of education. The study describes the specific work that has been carried out in the municipality of Rivas in Madrid for the promotion and development of active citizenship and participation in children and adolescents. Since 2004, the city council of Rivas has developed the “Program for the promotion of children’s rights and child participation”. The basic objective of this program is to develop citizen awareness and knowledge about children´s rights, and especially with regard to their right to participation. This paper describes and analyses the work developed specifically in the Children´s Forum, designed as a forum of participation for children of primary education (6 to 12 years), in which they meet regularly for discussing and working on different themes related with children’s rights and their own lives in the community. Finally, children propose measures to the city council in order to improve or solve the problems or issues that they have been working on together in the forum. We discuss the social, political and educational implications related with the importance of promoting citizenship education in non-formal contexts. Keywords: citizenship education, children’s rights, participation, social justice, human rights

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