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Schools for social justice and citizenship

Author(s) Hernández-Castilla, R. & Murillo, J.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2012  
Editor P. Cunningham & N. Fretwell (eds.) Creating Communities: Local, National and Global  
Age group -  
This empirical paper presents some aspects of a broader study that involved different secondary schools that promote citizenship and social justice in Madrid. Various focus group interviews were conducted with students, parents, teachers and school leaders in four secondary schools. The results show that there are different leadership styles and strategies developed by educational leaders in order to promote the development of citizenship and social justice. This study shows the importance of developing a school culture more oriented to encourage and promote social justice and citizenship in order to seek the recognition of differences and reduction of all forms of discrimination and exclusion, and to achieve the full participation and learning of all students regardless of their ethnic origin, gender, social class, sexual orientation, language, or membership in a social or cultural group. We discuss the social, political and educational implications that these results have with respect to the importance of promoting schools oriented to develop social justice.

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