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Citizenship in combating students’ violence against teachers

Author(s) Goriup, J. & Šoba, V. A.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2011  
Editor P. Cunningham & N. Fretwell, Europe's Future: Citizenship in a Changing World  
Age group -  
With growing intolerance and violence in Slovene post-modern society, violence in school is, unfortunately, growing, too. Teachers can be exposed to various forms of violence from students. Therefore the authors in their paper deal in theoretical part with the role of citizenship in presenting different concepts and realizations connected with following aspects and roles of citizenship in: violence and aggression, violence and aggressive behaviour in school at workplace, violence in school against teachers. Their intention was to discover how the violence appears today, in what kind of patterns, how it influences the relationship between the teacher and the student how the teacher is suppose to be responding on violence, are there any differences in performing violence and, finally, can citizenship combat these unwished social processes. In the empirical part they represent their research on 240 teachers, as they involve aspects of the research problem: main or relevant teacher’s dimensions, diffusion and forms of violence against teachers, responses of the teachers to aggressive behaviour, prevention, reduction and dealing with violence in schools and the necessity of citizenship education in Slovenian curricula. Keywords: citizenship, violence, educational system, Slovene post-modern society.

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