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Promoting students’ participation in the multinational environment of Latvian institutions of Higher Education

Author(s) Jurgena, I. & Mikainis , Z.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2011  
Editor P. Cunningham & N. Fretwell, Europe's Future: Citizenship in a Changing World  
Age group -  
This article is devoted to students’ civic participation as an important priority in developing youth policy. Issues concerning participation are dealt with both in Latvian and the EU policy documents, their aims, objectives, and principles. The aims of the youth policy are focused on the implementation of civic participation and democratic values in real life. Its various objectives provide for more active youth engagement in various activities within the institutions of higher education and in national-level social and democratic processes, as well as more support for various forms of students’ civic participation. The purpose of the article is to summarise and analyse the results of various studies concerning the content of students’ participation and the forms of its implementation. Materials and methodology. The theoretical approach – the analysis of literature and documents. The empirical approach – surveys. There have been carried out both qualitative and quantitative analyses of the data. Results. The studies concerning students’ civic participation in Latvia reveal several factors promoting the enrichment of students’ participation in various social integration processes. It is concluded in the article that in order to promote students’ civic participation it is necessary to pay attention not only to macro-level participation, i.e. participation in political and social activities, the involvement of young people in political decision-making at the national and municipal level, but also to develop institutions of higher education as models for the society, thus promoting the development of the experience of participation both among students and the academic staff in the actual integration process in the multinational academic environment. Keywords: higher education, civic participation, civic activities.

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