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The cooperative competitive citizen

Author(s) Fülöp, M. & Szarvas, H.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2011  
Editor P. Cunningham & N. Fretwell, Europe's Future: Citizenship in a Changing World  
Age group -  
Society needs both competitive and collaborative initiatives and efforts and citizens must interact in both of these modes today and in the future (Pepitone, 1980). Constructive competition contributes to the development of those involved and brings out the best potential, while keeping the rules and a respectful and cooperative relationship among participants. This is a significant requirement in a society that constructs competitive situations in many different realms from everyday community life to economics and politics. A competitive process can be characterized by the presence and degree of cooperation among the competing parties. Cooperative competition seems to be a process that is the most beneficial for the individual and society as well. In our research we interviewed altogether 55 social experts in the Hungarian society to reveal their ideas on the potentials of cooperative competition in different social/professional areas and to collect examples of good practice. Keywords: cooperative competitive, expert interview, citizen

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