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Multilateral Intelligence Identity Choice Possibilities of Education in Latvia

Author(s) Rone, S. & Liduma, A.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2010  
Editor P. Cunningham & N. Fretwell, Lifelong Learning and Active Citizenship  
Age group -  
Multilateral intelligence identity choice possibilities are the outstanding problems in education system in Latvia nowadays. This paper is based on a poster presentation and is the outcome of a collaboration project MCI (2005-2009) in which partners in Latvia together with other European cooperation partners studied the 7-step-theory in the aspect of multilateral intelligence identity choice. The theoretical basis of this European project is the “Multiple Choice Identity”, intelligence theory by Howard Gardner, which with “Five Minds for the future” open everybody’s understanding about future education. We have analyzed CiCe materials about identity and other theoretical materials, as well as undertaking both an empirical investigation and statistical data of analysis. The theoretical research empirical investigation was successively done in the primary school “Atvase”, Jurmala State gymnasium and RTTEMA during 5 years. About 1500 respondents in three different groups are involved in the project. The result is a process as discussion, changes of attitude, understanding of learning. Conclusions: Investigation encouraged free, creative thinking based on humane pedagogics, opportunity of choice in pedagogical process, flexible attitude towards different in nowadays society – in education and culture. Key words: Multilateral intelligence, Identity, Succession, Choice possibility.

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