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Young people's civic awareness and engagement: listening to their voices using thematic and developmental analysis

Author(s) Adalbjarnardottir, S.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2008  
Editor A. Ross & P. Cunningham, Reflecting on Identities: Research, Practice and Innovation  
Age group -  
To promote young people's civic awareness and engagement we must understand how they make meaning of democratic systems and values, including human rights. Despite important surveys on young people's civic engagement, few researchers have conducted in-depth interviews to learn how they construct meaning of the civic knowledge, values, and agency that constitute their civic identity. This case study is of the perspectives that young people (age 17-18) hold. Views are analysed through thematic and developmental lenses using a Developmental Model of Civic Awareness and Engagement, which the author is currently designing to better understand how young people develop their civic identity and citizenship. This gives a base for constructive work in promoting their civic awareness and engagement.

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