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Making room for the Community Sport Coach

Author(s) Blundell, D. & Cunningham, P.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2008  
Editor A. Ross & P. Cunningham, Reflecting on Identities: Research, Practice and Innovation  
Age group -  
This paper examines Community Sport Coaching and its accreditation as an emerging and distinct professional identity. We explore the development of the practices and professional identity of Community Sport Coaches as vital contributors to fostering associational activity, community cohesion, health and social well-being amongst young citizens. The paper presents a spatial analysis that usefully clarifies positions and opens possibilities for growth along multiple trajectories. Our strategy has been to start from an identification and delineation of the work of the Community Sport Coach and their communities of practice; we have drawn on theory in order to interpret practice and to strengthen professional identity, and to potentially re-imagine the role of the Community Sport Coach.

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