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Identities in textbooks: do they reflect cultural and linguistic diversity?

Author(s) Dinvaut, A.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2008  
Editor A. Ross & P. Cunningham, Reflecting on Identities: Research, Practice and Innovation  
Age group -  
This study scrutinizes language schoolbooks in French primary education and confronts the identities of the characters depicted with the ones of the learners. The world described by textbooks is binary, monocultural and monolingual; it does not reflect the multicultural and plurilingual identities of many learners, and does not give a true account of the target culture. Most authors try to simplify reality and thus deprive teachers and learners of complex, rich and various resources. By not giving teachers the tools to value children’s identities and experiences, they inhibit the promotion of the cultural and linguistic diversity of European countries.

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