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Social identity in connection to war and peace in France

Author(s) Roland-Lévy, C.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2008  
Editor A. Ross & P. Cunningham, Reflecting on Identities: Research, Practice and Innovation  
Age group -  
This paper presents studies of conflict from psychological perspectives, particularly the theory of social representation. Some French specificities, including conflicts such as World War 2, the colonial war with Algeria, and terrorism in Paris illustrate how they contribute to build a national discourse, where different social groups construct social representations and social identities. These events shaped French perceptions of peace and war and interpret the French discourse. A survey of men and women of different ages was conducted. Peace was dominantly associated with quiet, calm, love and friendship, while war was associated with death, fighting, and conflict. We discuss differences according to age and connect these to social identity building.

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