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Inclusion - exclusion: bullying and the role of the physical school environment

Author(s) de Jong, M.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2008  
Editor A. Ross & P. Cunningham, Reflecting on Identities: Research, Practice and Innovation  
Age group -  
The teaching of fundamental values is a major task in the Swedish curriculum. On a concrete level, this implies equal value and inclusion of all pupils. This paper explores the relation between the occurrence of bullying and the physical environment of schools. In earlier research about bullying, the focus was on social climate, interaction between pupils and between pupils and teachers. With few exceptions, no mention is made of locations where bullying actually occurs in the school building or yard. This paper presents syntactical analysis which describes spatial properties and allows connection to behaviour. In this way, the importance of design properties for bullying can be discussed.

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