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Considering right of citizenship through a pedagogical use of photography. A laboratory experience about university education for primary and elementary teachers

Author(s) Calvaruso, F. P. C.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2009  
Editor P. Cunningham, Human Rights and Citizenship Education  
Age group -  
The teaching of Pedagogy of the infancy and the preadolescence, played in 2007 at the Faculty of Education at the University Roma Tre for primary teachers, had as core the study of the concept of citizenship (it fixed on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), through the use of photography workshop. The participants, divided into sub-groups, have cooperated in the classroom and on the ground, interacted on-line and sustained verifications in presence. Training scheme: idea / conversation - photos - project / summary. The blended form provided an indication of and suggestions for the stages of study, re-engineering and co-construction of meaning to interpret. The photography, then, connected with education to establish images of everyday citizenship by offering the students as an opportunity for growth.

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