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The ethnic identity and social adaptation of the youth in different culture spheres

Author(s) Plotka, I., Vidnere, M. & Blumenau, N.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2009  
Editor P. Cunningham, Human Rights and Citizenship Education  
Age group -  
This paper concerns the developmental problems of ethnic communities and different aspects of their social cultural adaptation among young people aged 18-28 years old (Latvians from Russia - 69; Russians from Latvia -67; Latvians from Latvia – 62; Russians from Russia – 66). Methods: ”Adaptation of personality to the new social cultural space”(scales: Adaptability, Conformity, Inter-activity, Depression, Nostalgia, Estrangement) and «Types of ethnic identity» (scales: Ethnic nihilism, Ethnic indifference, Positive ethnic identity, Ethnic egoism, Ethnic isolationism, Ethnic fanaticism). It has been stated that negative ethnic identity is forming during adaptation of Young people: Ethnic Identity of Russian Young people in Latvia is forming on the type of hypoidentity, Ethnic Identity of Latvian Young people in Russia - on the type of hyperidentity. In spite of the process of adaptation, there is no opportunity of complete socialization. Results of investigation give idea how to integrate in different cultures.

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