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Cultural encounters, co-existence and identity - teaching religious education for a global and sustainable society

Author(s) Liljefors Persson, B.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2009  
Editor P. Cunningham, Human Rights and Citizenship Education  
Age group -  
This paper is based on a critical close reading of the contemporary national curricula in Religious Education in Sweden and seen in an international context as well. What common basic values and goals do they strive to promote? Is it possible, even wishful, to construct a sort of a global curricula of Religious Education? To create a climate in the classroom that is based on openness, respect for cultural and religious diversity, critical and analytical thinking and filled with joy and creativity are long term ideal for teaching, didactics and pedagogy. In relations to this some suggestions for sustainable didactic perspectives in religious education will be highlighted from the experiences of the research project The Children of Abraham at the teacher education at Malmö University.

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