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From the right to education to the development of a 21st century citizen...

Author(s) Leal, R. & Costa, N.  
Publisher London: CiCe  
Year 2009  
Editor P. Cunningham, Human Rights and Citizenship Education  
Age group -  
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights reinforces, among other things, the role of humanity in the development of respect, acknowledgement and universal application of these rights and freedoms through teaching and education. Thus, and taking into consideration the complexity that characterizes our society today, it is necessary to change the role of learners. It is necessary to create more dynamic and autonomous ways of learning (Cachapuz, et al., 2004) given that the 21st century citizen starts to develop in kindergarten. We need to think about the different competences that should be developed in children in order to create a citizen with an active role in society. In our study, we have chosen to enhance the development of competences through learning assessment by educators and family.

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