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Experiential teaching versus transmissive teaching of citizenship

Author(s) Iveta Kovalcíková, Juraj Kresila  
Publisher CiCe Publications  
Year 2005  
Editor A. Ross, Teaching Citizenship  
Language English  
Age group -  
The Slovak system of education is currently undergoing a curricular transformation with the strategy of building a modern school system within the humanistic paradigm of education. The preferred approach to instruction in subjects with a social science dimension include a contextualised syllabus and co-operative and experiential learning. But experts in Slovakia point out that there are insufficient research studies that provide data on the merits and demerits of experiential learning strategies when compared to more traditional transmission teaching styles. Moreover, there is no guidance to help teachers to plan and assess experiential teaching units. This paper analyses research findings on the didactical characteristics of these two models of education, experiential and transmissive. The area is of a descriptive nature, so we have tried to determine the basic difference in the frequency of intentionally selected and pre-defined didactical characteristics of the two models of delivering citizenship (transmissive – TR and experiential – EX). The action research1 was carried out in the first stage (6 to 10 years of age) of the standard basic school. There is no independent subject of Citizenship defined in the Slovak curriculum: relevant knowledge is included in Elementary Science (1st and 2nd class), National History and Geography (3rd and 4th class), Mother Language (including literary) other Aesthetic education and Ethics2. Because the subject knowledge of citizenship is divided between other subjects, we had to design an educational project that would be taught in Slovak Language, National Geography and History, Mathematics and Music. Selected topics related to citizenship education are also currently included in Ethics.

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