London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

2011 Dublin

CiCe Sixth Annual Research Student Conference and Workshop
Dublin City University, Ireland, 9-11 June 2011: Europe’s Future: citizenship in a changing world



Alexandra Diamantopoulou, University of Patras, Greece:  Foreign language teaching in Greek Secondary Education during 19th century.

Joakim Glaser, Malmo University, Sweden: Identity Formations. Teenagers in East Germany.

Rosie Bosse Chitty, University of the West of England, UK: Understanding children’s citizenship, participation and agency in the primary school: an English ethnographic study.

Ingunn Marie Eriksen, Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo, Norway: The emotional keynotes of ethnic belonging: Multi-ethnic education and student group formation.

Kouidri Mouni Haoua, University of Rheims, France: Men and women cross social representations of professional success.

Seamus O'Connor, Dublin City University, Ireland: An examination of unexplained absences among newcomer students in an Irish second-level school.

Matthew Taylor, University of the West of England, UK: The Environmental Sustainability of the Bristol City-Region: Current Position and Potential for Bioregionalism.

Nicola Bowden-Clissold, University of the West of England, UK: Young children have a right to participate actively in shaping their own lives (the Children Act, 2004). In reality, to what extent are their voices heard? An exploration in an early years setting.

Nora Sebestyen, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary: Successful schooling as a way for immigrants to become successful citizens: Hungarian and Chinese concepts of learning.

Helene Toverud Godø, Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo, Norway: Withdrawn or Confrontational? Young people’s negotiations and understandings of differences in school.

Bruna D. L. Nunes, University of Deusto, Spain:  Media Literacy, ICT´s and unaccompanied migrant youth: making movies in order to participate and be visible on the public sphere.

Adele Gardner, University of the West of England, UK: Why Don't they Want to go to School? Children in Care who fall into the category of persistent non-attender.


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