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2006 Riga

CiCe’s inaugural research student conference was held at the University of Riga, Latvia. Under the title ‘New researchers for the new Europe’ a lively, engaging and very successful conference for PhD students took place at the CiCe conference in Riga in May 2006.

11 new researchers from 9 countries presented high quality papers in a very stimulating manner. The fundamental concepts of - and policy for - citizenship and citizenship education were explored by Sarah Miles (UK) and Alberto Nones (Italy); three papers on history and citizenship were delivered by Maria Gloria Parra Santos Sole (Portugal), Aija Abens (Latvia) and Hakan Karahasan (Cyprus); Aija Jankava (Latvia), Katja Jeznik (Slovenia) and Malgorzata Lazor (Poland) reported on their ongoing work into citizenship and aspects of communication; and, Annette Emilson (Sweden), Monika Sandor (Hungary) and Marta Pinto (UK) looked at young people’s understandings of European citizenship. An award for the best conceptually based paper was presented to Alberto Nones and the award for the best empirically based paper went to Annette Emilson.

The conference also provided a range of other opportunities for the students. Two workshops were organised focussing on, firstly, quantitative and qualitative research methods in the form of a debate between Marta Fulop and Ian Davies, and, secondly, a session led by Marta Fulop on ways to present research papers. The students attended the main CiCe conference and ensured that their work reached a wide audience through the display of highly professional posters.

The conference organising committee was chaired by Marta Fulop (Hungary) and included Luigi Cajani (Italy), Elisabet Nasman (Sweden), Alejandra Navarro (Spain) and Ian Davies (UK) with contributions made throughout the conference by Christine Roland-Levy (France).

Text by Ian Davies, University of York


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