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2012 York

York 2012: Creating Citizenship Communities: Local, National and Global

The 14th Annual CiCe Network Conference was held jointly with the 8th CitizED Conference and the 1st Creating Citizenship Communities Conference at the University of York, England, 24 -26 May 2012. Over 200 delegates attended from all over Europe, Asia and America and there were over 80 paper and poster presentations, in addition to Symposia and Workshop sessions. The proceedings of the conference will be published in the Autumn.

From left to right, Ian Davies (University of York), Tony Breslin (Keynote speaker), Baroness Estelle Morris (Keynote speaker), Peter Cunningham (London Metropolitan University) and Gillian Hampden-Thompson (University of York)

Presenters came from thirty-five different countries from Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.  Key note speakers were Baroness Estelle Morris, Tony Breslin (former CEO Citizenship Foundation), Nanny Hartsmar, University of Malmo; and, Dr Carla Peck, University of Alberta. Peter Cunningham chaired the conference.

The conference, under the theme: Creating Citizenship Communities, was organized in association with two significant groups in the field of citizenship education: CitizED (a global network of academics) and the project team of the Esmée Fairbairn funded initiative ‘Creating Citizenship Communities’.

The conference theme of creating citizenship communities was chosen as particularly pertinent to citizenship and identities education. It reflects on current concerns for community cohesion from local to global scales and chimes with current initiatives around volunteering and intergenerational solidarity.

The main conference was also preceded by CiCe’s annual doctoral research student conference. This afforded opportunity for twelve PhD students from European universities to share and peer review their research.


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