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2009 Malmo

2009 Malmö: Human Rights and Citizenship Education

CiCe's Eleventh Annual CiCe Network Conference was hosted by the School of Teacher Education, Malmö University, Sweden.

The conference had a particular focus on human rights and citizenship education, aiming to  bring together staff from higher education institutions who educate those in the education and social professions who work with children and young people. as well as those working in NGOs and policy fields.

Children and students are developing their understanding of human rights in a complex and interdependent world, and the European context is a particularly interesting context in which to observe this. The conference focus was not only on what and how children and young people learn about human rights but is also concerned with their lived social and educational experiences of human rights, and how these impact on their developing understanding and participation as citizens.

Principal Speakers

* Professor Emeritus Sven-Eric Liedman (Gothenburg University, Sweden)

* Professor Mary Ratcliffe (University of Southampton, UK)

* Professor Luigi Cajani ( University of Rome 'La Sapienza', Italy)

* Professor Alistair Ross (London Metropolitan University, UK)









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