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2008 Istanbul

Istanbul 2008: Reflecting on Identities: Research, Practice and Innovation.

The tenth Annual CiCe Network Conference was held in Istanbul, Turkey with the theme of Reflecting on Identities: Research, Practice and Innovation. Multiple perspectives on identity were reflected in a range of papers considering identity constructions; their social and educational implications; and educational responses. Papers were grouped as follows:

- Individual and social constructions of identity

- Tensions in constructing identities

- History and identity

- Minorities, migration and identity

- Gender and identity

- Adolescent identities

- Culture and identity

- Identity, inclusion and exclusion

- Global identities and citizenship

- Future identities

- Identities and learning styles

This was the final conference of the third phase of CiCe. It included a celebration of the work and contributions of Alistair Ross, who was stepping down (but continuing to be a member of the Executive Committee) after 10 years as President and Coordinator of CiCe.

Working Groups also reported to conference on the following strands of work:

Broadening and deepening work in Citizenship education and identities in Higher Education courses

Developing citizenship competencies across all disciplines in Higher Education

Strengthening Tuning and Bologna processes and linkages

Supporting research that strengthens teaching and research students

Linking Higher Education to other groups in society to strengthen

Supporting teaching world and global issues in citizenship education and identities.


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