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2004 Krakow

Krakow 2004: The Experience of Citizenship

The sixth annual conference of CiCe, held in Krakow, was organised under the theme of The Experience of Citizenship to explore citizenship-as-lived-experience for children, teachers, students and lecturers in Europe.

Poland in May 2004 was significant: papers presented at the conference included representations from twenty-five European states, nine of which joined the European Union that month.

Papers were grouped into three main themes:

Democratic Citizenship Education: including papers focussing on ‘participation, partnership and equality’ that set-out a theoretical, practical and moral basis for citizenship education in Europe today. These form the context of experience, but the experiences of citizenship are necessarily contingent. A further group of papers ‘citizenship in time place and environment’ looked at particularities of citizenship education in the current time and the present place, also recognising that there are virtual spaces that impact on citizenship and learning just as much as the ‘real’ social environment.

Social change: including papers with focus on ‘old and new Europe’; ‘Settlers, migrants and minorities’; and changing social economics, cultures and practices.

Schooling and teaching: with a series of presentations that looked at teachers’ beliefs and experiences, and the development of attitudes and practices in student teachers.


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