London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

2002, Budapest

Budapest 2002: Future Citizens in Europe

The Fourth  Anual CiCe Network Conference was held in Budapest, Hungary, and had a particular focus on the dissemination of our materials. In many respects conference papers presented in Budapest summated much of the work carried out over the first phase of CiCe.

As in previous conferences, diversity in subject and approach reflected our members practical and research activity, with papers grouped into eight broad overlapping and intertwining themes:

- Theory and practice in citizenship education

- European-wide projects in citizenship education

- Developing values

- Minorities: needs and priorities for educators

- Media and technology in citizenship, culture and identity education

- Socialisation and rights education

- Developing identities in a changing Europe

In addition, the conference also provided a launch for a booklet of recommendations and outcomes: ‘Preparing Professionals in Education for issues of citizenship and Identity in Europe’. Not a short title, but one that precisely expressed our concern for the education and training of professionals to work with children and young adults in a changing European context.


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