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2014 Olsztyn (38 records)

Title Author Publisher Year Link
A history of the CiCe Academic Network – Part 3: the network consolidates Ross, A. London: CiCe 2014
An innovative humanistic approach to analysing students’ perceptions of the lesson Rone, S. & Vidnere, M. London: CiCe 2014
Attitudes towards risk factors and the means of avoiding dropping out of school amongst female students in special schools Toming, H. London: CiCe 2014
Citizenship education and its antitheses in the light of knowledge society discourse Męczkowska-Christiansen, A. London: CiCe 2014
Citizenship promotion opportunities: reflections on the Comenius project ‘Me and My Europe: Intercultural Challenges of Modern Pre-primary Education’ Liduma, A. London: CiCe 2014
Constructing a citizenship community: identity, inclusion or exclusion Huan, M-L. London: CiCe 2014
Constructing identities in some former Yugoslav states: Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia. Moving borders, crossing boundaries: Young people’s identities in a time of change (5) Ross, A. London: CiCe 2014
Deliberative education – ideas and prospects Wesołowska, E. & Sołoma, A. London: CiCe 2014
Development of a tolerant personality as an objective need of the modern civil society Marchenoka, M., Chehlova, Z. & Vogule, G. London: CiCe 2014
Differences between citizenship awareness in Japan and the UK: how students argue on controversial issues Tanaka, N. London: CiCe 2014
Educational achievement of ethnic minorities Sotiropoulou, P. London: CiCe 2014
England’s self-image as portrayed in public examination Citizenship Education textbooks Leighton, R. London: CiCe 2014
Ethnicity, young people and ‘othering.’ ‘It’s like we don’t exist’: transitions from school to nowhere Nasim Riaz, N. London: CiCe 2014
Ethnomathematics, language and immigrant children Katsillis, M. London: CiCe 2014
Examining young Polish peoples’ personal sense of being citizens of Europe Grabowski, A. & Sebastyanska-Targowska, I. London: CiCe 2014
Grading character education in France: a means of changing and evaluating student behaviour? Chauvigné, C. London: CiCe 2014
Innovation management in higher education: Nano sciences and technologies for scientific citizenship Lobanova-Shunin, T. & Shunin, Y. London: CiCe 2014
Innovative approaches to preparing children on the autistic spectrum to be citizens of the twenty-first century Harnett, P. London: CiCe 2014
Innovative practices of global education in a changing world Pratas, H. London: CiCe 2014
Kaleidoscopic identities: young people ten years into the European Union Ross, A. London: CiCe 2014
Lost in migration: barriers to the social integration of first generation immigrant students in Irish second level education O'Connor, S. London: CiCe 2014
National symbols in Hungarian sixth graders’ history textbooks Dancs, K. London: CiCe 2014
Nursery space in shaping the identity of a child: a comparative ethnographic study Nowicka, M. & Śliwa, S. London: CiCe 2014
Optimism and readiness for active citizenship among young people in various age groups Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz B. & Zalewska, A. M. London: CiCe 2014
Parents’ labour migration: the link between adolescents’ perceptions of parental attitudes and their personal identity in the area of school and occupation Michałek, J. &Rostowska, T. London: CiCe 2014
Qualitative evaluation of teachers with respect to the implementation of the project of cyber bullying prevention (TABBY) in their classes García-Vélez, T., Calmaestra Villén, J., González, C. & Maldonado, A. London: CiCe 2014
Reaching the finishing line: some outcomes and results of online enabling education Muldoon, R. & Wijeyewardene, I. London: CiCe 2014
Representations of social justice amongst Spanish teachers and students Jacott, L., Maldonado, A., Sainz, V., Juanes, A., García-Vélez, T. & Seguro, V. London: CiCe 2014
Social antecedents of personal citizenship: examining factors influencing contemporary Polish 16-year-olds’ educational aspirations Lis-Kujawski, A. & Grabowski, A. London: CiCe 2014
Teachers’ citizenship competences: a comparative research Chistolini, S., Pratas, H. & Wołodźko, E. London: CiCe 2014
Teacher’s socially-communicative competence qualities - promoters of professional innovative activities Vidnere, M. & Rone, S. London: CiCe 2014
Teenagers’ personal identity as a problem of the socialisation process in modern society Marchenoka, M., Chehlova, Z. & Vogule, G. London: CiCe 2014
The alpha and omega of living together: humanism and the modernisation of higher education Chistolini, S. London: CiCe 2014
The origins of the crisis of the social and national identity as presented in ‘Howard’s End’ by Edward Morgan Forster Gładkowska, E. London: CiCe 2014
The role of internet discussions in promoting the civic participation of young people in Latvian case studies Jurgena, I. & Mikainis, Z. London: CiCe 2014
The subversion of citizenship and education in Bertrand Russell’s Alphabet Leleń, H. London: CiCe 2014
Tolerance as a humanitarian means for solving the pedagogical conflict Chehlova, Z., Kevisha, I. & Chehlov, M. London: CiCe 2014
‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’: Otherness through a child’s eyes Baloğlu, U. London: CiCe 2014


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