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2013 Lisbon (63 records)

Title Author Publisher Year Link
A History of the CiCe Academic Network – Part 2: Learning to Walk Ross, A. London: CiCe 2013
An international academic discussion platform as a means of identity building for university; students' opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of EU membership Kovalcikova, I. & Petrucijova, J. London: CiCe 2013
Assessing intercultural communicative competence in practice through intercultural citizenship education Huang, M. London: CiCe 2013
Becoming a teacher in a global city: superdiversity and workplace constraints’ Benson, A. London: CiCe 2013
Children’s voice and participation in all school contexts Parreiral, S. London: CiCe 2013
Citizenship Education and Social Justice. From Theory to Practice Juanes García, A., García, T. & Pérez-Manjarrez, E. London: CiCe 2013
Citizenship Education for children of the elite in England Leighton, R. London: CiCe 2013
Citizenship crisis in France, education citizenship crisis Zoïa, G. & Étienne, R. London: CiCe 2013
Consensus and differences in the judgment of historical events Meszaros, N., Szabo, Z.P. & Laszlo, J. London: CiCe 2013
Cosmopolitan citizenship in education: Representations of Spanish secondary students García-Vélez, T., Maldonado, A. & Jacott, L. London: CiCe 2013
Developing Intercultural Awareness by Integrating Features of Englishness and Romanianness Oprescu, M. & Oprescu, F. London: CiCe 2013
Dispositions towards language/s in early years practice in England Rojas-Bustos, K. London: CiCe 2013
Early Childhood Education: Historical Learning-processes in Museums Wagner, B. London: CiCe 2013
Education for democratic citizenship as whole-school activity: A case study Tota, P. M. London: CiCe 2013
Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian students’ in higher education perspective towards experiences in other countries and migration Kõiv, K., Zuzeviciute , V., Rone, S. & Liduma, A. London: CiCe 2013
Far away but close enough: Possibilities for developing European identity in youth before becoming a member of the European Union Kenig, N. & Spasovski, O. London: CiCe 2013
Global Educational Partnerships and Community Cohesion. How can these initiatives inform one another? Rogers, J. London: CiCe 2013
Heart is the only teaching aid in addition to the class: Social-breeding, social-development and attitudes as a result of mobility Vidnere, M. & Rone, S. London: CiCe 2013
Higher Education, Participation and Active learning in Greece Karakatsani, D. London: CiCe 2013
How Kurdish Sorani speaking children construct their identity/identities in the supplementary schools? Salih, S. & Issa, T. London: CiCe 2013
How gender and age affect the acceptance of foreign pupils in the school environment by their Greek classmates Diamantopoulou, A. London: CiCe 2013
Identity construction and social cohesion: the case of French high school students in boarding schools Chauvigné, C. London: CiCe 2013
Intersecting identities: young people’s constructions of identity in south-east Europe Ross, A. London: CiCe 2013
Islam and Citizenship Education – Lessons learnt from pilot programmes delivered in Muslim schools and Madrassa in the UK Ryan, J. & Last, K. London: CiCe 2013
Issues and Solutions in Citizenship Education – the Education of Values in Extracurricular Activities in the Crisis Situation in Latvia Jurgena, I., Mikainis, Z. & Kevisha, I. London: CiCe 2013
Learning about ‘Education: The Human Rights dimension Pratas, M. H. London: CiCe 2013
Lithuanian social science textbooks: do they encourage development of the national and civic values? Zaleskiene, I. & Jasinauskas, L. London: CiCe 2013
Looking forward to childhood: training professionals working with children exposed to domestic violence Pallotta, D. London: CiCe 2013
Mainstreaming equality in the context of superdiversity: A school case study Quinn, M. London: CiCe 2013
Model United Nations and the perception of global citizenship, for Greek senior high school students Bastaki, M. London: CiCe 2013
My place in the world Svensson, I. & Welwert, G. London: CiCe 2013
Nanotechnologies: challenges and controversy on the way to scientific citizenship, new emerging identities and intellectual consumption Lobanova-Shunina, T. & Shunin, Y. London: CiCe 2013
Pass or Fail in the Swedish school? A historical perspective on citizenship, diversity and social justice Nielsen, L. London: CiCe 2013
Pedagogical conditions for the development of citizenship for senior secondary school students in Latvia Chehlova, Z., Kevisha, I. & Chehlov, M. London: CiCe 2013
Performative Interrelations of Children and Things – Ethnographic Research in the Museum der Dinge Wagner, B. London: CiCe 2013
Representation of primary students and their families about children´s rights and their participation in different social contexts Seguro, V. & Jacott, L. London: CiCe 2013
School Leaders and Anti-racism. Political obstacles and pedagogical problems in Greece Karakatsani, D. & Pavlou, C. London: CiCe 2013
Self-segregating social groups in a super-diverse university White, R. & Jerome, L. London: CiCe 2013
Social Justice Representations of primary students Juanes García, A., Pérez-Manjarrez, E. & Fernández-González, A. London: CiCe 2013
Social Justice: An exploratory study of representations of Social Justice in Secondary Training teachers Juanes García, A. London: CiCe 2013
Social capital as the basis for academic development of young pedagogues Korzeniecka – Bondar, A. & Tołwińska, B. London:CiCe 2013
Social justice representations of training teachers Sainz, V., Juanes, A. & García-Vélez, T. London: CiCe 2013
Social representations of risk and economics among young European citizens: a cross-cultural study Kmiec, R. & Roland-Lévy, C. London: CiCe 2013
Solidarity and active citizenship learned from a natural disaster: the school experience after the May 2012 earthquake in Italy Chistolini, S. London: CiCe 2013
Structure and levels of young citizens' responsibility Szabó, É., Secui, M. & Kőrössy, J. London: CiCe 2013
Sustainability, Citizenship, and Transformation Banks, J. W. R. London: CiCe 2013
Teaching ancient national heroes in today’s Europe Neves, M. London: CiCe 2013
The Attitudes of Adolescents in the Czech Republic towards Contemporary Civic Virtues in Adults and Their Demands for Changes As the Grounds for a New Focus of Civic Education Lašek, J., Loudová, I. & Vacek, P. London: CiCe 2013
The Didactic Challenges of Teaching Students with Autism Lozic, V. London: CiCe 2013
The Role of Schools in Assisting Children and Young People with a Parent in Prison – findings from the COPING Project Raikes, B. London: CiCe 2013
The barrier is down but the finishing line recedes for many: improving opportunities and outcomes in enabling education Muldoon, R. & Wijeyewardene, I. London: CiCe 2013
The role of competition in the integration of immigrants to the host society Büki, N. London: CiCe 2013
Time to pretend! A performative way in which youth negotiate their identities in their everyday life at schools Rodrigues, A. London: CiCe 2013
Towards a developmental conceptualization of education of citizens as promoters of social justice Fernández-González, A., Jacott, L. & Maldonado, A. London: CiCe 2013
Uncertainties and challenges in children’s education: changes in family education perceived by kindergarten teachers Rocha, C. & Ferreira, M. London: CiCe 2013
University students’ attitudes towards characteristics of money before, after and during dual currency period in Estonia Kõiv, K. London: CiCe 2013
Validation of a social justice questionnaire Sainz, V., García, T., Pérez-Manjarrez, E., Juanes, A., Fernández-González, T., Seguro, V. & Agustín, S. London: CiCe 2013
Values of teachers: a reflection between past and present (from the contribution of Portuguese educator Mário Gonçalves Viana) Pintassilgo, J. London: CiCe 2013
Views and Beliefs of Social Studies Teachers on Citizenship Education: a Comparative Study of the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Croatia Jeliazkova, M. London: CiCe 2013
What does it take to promote cooperative competitive citizenship in a community? Fülöp, M., Takács, S. & Büki, N. London: CiCe 2013
Who cares? Students’ understanding of human rights Heldt, I. London: CiCe 2013
Who volunteers, why and with what consequences? Life aspirations, motives and outcomes of volunteering and well-being Miljkovic, D., Rijavec, M. & Jurcec, L. London: CiCe 2013
‘Clogs, boots and shoes built to the sky’: Initial findings from a sociomaterial analysis of education at Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum Henderson, S. London: CiCe 2013


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