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2009 Malmo (70 records)

Title Author Publisher Year Link
"I like to be fair - it's grown up": English young people playing the Ultimatum Game Ross, A. & Holden, C. London: CiCe 2009
"It changed me it showed me both sides of the story": young people's conceptions and experiences of citizenship in Northern Ireland Khaoury, R. London: CiCe 2009
"It's the thing to do": Spanish students' intra and international Ultimatum Game exchange Dooly, M. & Vallejo, C. London: CiCe 2009
"Then I lost Hope" - how schools produce failure and dropouts and about suggestions given by pupils about how they would have got better school results Cederberg, M. & Ericsson Sjöö London: CiCe 2009
Adolescents' attitudes toward human rights and responsibilities: comparison between juvenile delinquents and nondelinquents Koiv, K. London: CiCe 2009
An experience of education for peace and human rights in teacher training Guerra Pratas, M. H. London: CiCe 2009
Approaches of citizenship as they appeared in the proceedings of CiCe, content analysis CiCe Working Group Strand 1: Aypay, A. et al London: CiCe 2009
Audio-visual media in citizenship education: How film can help to apply human rights education curriculum topics? Masek, J. & Maskova, P. London: CiCe 2009
Being a good friend. Constructions of friendship in Life Competence Education Löf, C. London: CiCe 2009
Children's citizenship, education and Europe-moving beyond rights to embrace respect and recognition Larkin, C. London: CiCe 2009
Children's participation in their physical environment in pre-school de Jong, M., Eklundh, A. & Lutz, K. London: CiCe 2009
Children's philosophical exploration concerning ethical issues Lindahl, I. London: CiCe 2009
Citizens of the future: how young people perceive social problems from both local and global perspectives Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz, B. & Zalewska, A. M. London: CiCe 2009
Citizenship and the system of values Erliha, S. London: CiCe 2009
Civic protest before and after Iceland's economic crisis: adolescents speak about participation Adalbjarnardottir, S. & Markusdottir, M. A. London: CiCe 2009
Cognitive characteristics of political thinking in Hungary Harsányi, S. G. London: CiCe 2009
Collective identity in Greek Cypriots' curriculum: the case of primary educations curriculum Chrysovalante, G. & Spinthourakis, J-A. London: CiCe 2009
Considering right of citizenship through a pedagogical use of photography. A laboratory experience about university education for primary and elementary teachers Calvaruso, F. P. C. London: CiCe 2009
Cultural diversity and human rights Berg, W. London: CiCe 2009
Cultural encounters, co-existence and identity - teaching religious education for a global and sustainable society Liljefors Persson, B. London: CiCe 2009
Democratic citizen fostering - its insiders and its outsiders, a call for democracy to 'leave home' Olson, M. London: CiCe 2009
Developing human rights didactics for young children in teacher education Rubinstein Reich, L. London: CiCe 2009
Diversity in ERASMUS - student courses. A comparative study ... Bauer, T. & Kreuz, A. London: CiCe 2009
Education for world citizenship - preparing students to be agents for social change Lundgren, U., Jacott, L. & Trotta Tuomi, M. London: CiCe 2009
Ensuring validity: accessing the constructions of national identity and citizenship Cooper, A. London: CiCe 2009
Establishing a rights respecting initial teacher education programme Bhargava, M., Brook, V. & Jerome, L. London: CiCe 2009
Focusing children's participation: pre-school teachers in Sweden describe their work with children's participation Westlund, K. London: CiCe 2009
Freedom and citizenship in the image of thinking. A teacher multiple interaction team education. Chistolini, S. London: CiCe 2009
From the right to education to the development of a 21st century citizen... Leal, R. & Costa, N. London: CiCe 2009
Gender - related perceptions and causal attributions regarding school achievement Dulau, T., Secui, M. & Danciu, M. London: CiCe 2009
Globalisation, self-confidence and projections of national identity Wagner, B. London: CiCe 2009
Higher Education teachers' understanding of social citizenship: the division of citizenship labour McGlynn, C. & Gifford, C. London: CiCe 2009
How to increase the equal opportunities for adequate schooling? Meeting student learning needs through dynamic assessment Kovalcikova, I. & Kresila, J. London: CiCe 2009
Human Rights and teaching: equity as praxis in mixed ability classrooms Koutselini, M. & Agathangelou, S. London: CiCe 2009
Human rights and citizenship education in the primary school curriculum in Turkey Aksit, N. London: CiCe 2009
Human rights and social sciences: education for values and understanding Haav, K. London: CiCe 2009
Human rights education and social change... Pitsou, C., Spinthourakis, J-A. & Balias, S. London: CiCe 2009
Human rights studies as an opportunity for advancing students' citizenship Jurgena, I. London: CiCe 2009
Identity and intergroup relations in terms of business cooperation among the Visegrad countries Petrucijová, J. London: CiCe 2009
Infants tell the stories of their lives - and it is our obligation as adults to listen Riddersporre, B. London: CiCe 2009
Language as a social barrier: integration of language, communicative competence and identity development Lobanova, T. & Shunin, Y. London: CiCe 2009
Learning citizenship education in university: views and experiences of Finnish class teacher students Korhonen, R. & Lestinen, L. London: CiCe 2009
Life values as the basis for understanding human rights Chehlov, M. & Chehlova, Z. London: CiCe 2009
Modern Greek history, historic documentary about the human rights: the case of Pomaks Vamvakidou, I. London: CiCe 2009
Peace education and preparedness for the future, interpreted through networks, state and school Johansso, R. & Andersson, I. London: CiCe 2009
Perceptions of Turkish and British student teachers on European-ness and the role of citizenship education Acun, I. et al London: CiCe 2009
Perceptions of Turkish and British student teachers on European-ness and the role of citizenship education Acun, I. et al London: CiCe 2009
Preschool democracy and children's choice-making Westlund, K. London: CiCe 2009
Promoting children's rights in the media: the contribution of school newspapers. A research project developed in 23 Portuguese schools of Castelo Branco region Nabais Tomé, M. C., Mendes da Ponte, M. H. & Menezes, V. M. London: CiCe 2009
Pueri Economicus: a study of pro-social behaviour by children and young people in an economic setting: a cross-cultural study Ross, A. et al. London: CiCe 2009
Research about the nature of citizenship in Japan Tanaka, N. London: CiCe 2009
Research on social capital in the Visegrad context: the case of business and competition Fülöp, M. London: CiCe 2009
Seeing the world today from a different viewpoint: the impact of the 'Lessons from Auschwitz' project on schools in Scotland Cowan, P. & Maitles, H. London: CiCe 2009
Social judgements about ethnic exclusion in Latin American immigrant children living in the United States Gomex, L. London: CiCe 2009
Social orientation and cooperative pro-social behaviour of the Polish youth Zalewska, A. & Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz London: CiCe 2009
Social representation and ecological citizenship: the case of wind farm setting de Causans, A. London: CiCe 2009
Students' conception of historical significance Virta, A. London: CiCe 2009
Swedish as a second language and citizenship education Torpsten, A-C. London: CiCe 2009
Teachers' professionalization process in a postmodern world for social cohesion Zuzeviciute, V., Miliušiene, M. & Kardeliene, L. London: CiCe 2009
Teaching as a political activity: the teacher as political actor Ross, A. London: CiCe 2009
The Baltic youths' change of attitude against the "Others" Rone, S. et al London: CiCe 2009
The change of a district Welwert, G. & Svensson, I-M. London: CiCe 2009
The cosmopolitan challenge in citizenship education Rönnström, N. London: CiCe 2009
The devlopment of ethnic identity in immigrant children from Latin America living in the United States Gomez, M. London: CiCe 2009
The ethnic identity and social adaptation of the youth in different culture spheres Plotka, I., Vidnere, M. & Blumenau, N. London: CiCe 2009
The place of socio-scientific issues in citizenship education Ratcliffe, M. London: CiCe 2009
Trainee teachers' knowledge and beliefs about human rights and citizenship education Messina, C., Jacott, L. & Navarro-Sada, A. London: CiCe 2009
What about history teaching in hybrid societies? The profile, structure and context of history as a school subject Lozic, V. London: CiCe 2009
What kind of citizens are commercial sex workers? Gaynor, A. London: CiCe 2009
Workshop: Teaching revolution Berg, W. London: CiCe 2009


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