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2007 Montpellier (71 records)

Title Author Publisher Year Link
'We're Going to Have to be Careful With This One': The Attitudes and Perceptions of Student History Teachers in Relation to Teaching Controversial Topics Woolley, M., & Wragg, T. CiCe Publications 2007
A Visit to a Multicultural School: A Case Study in Finland Lahti, L. CiCe Publications 2007
Academic Student Inventory: Self-Observation Year: Exploring Teacher Candidate Identity Development Riojas Clark, E., & Bustos Flores, B. CiCe Publications 2007
Activating Social Capital: Parents’ Ways of Getting Involved in Their Children’s Education Bouakaz, L. CiCe Publications 2007
Active Citizenship and Identities – Towards a Fourth Phase for CiCe Ross, A. CiCe Publications 2007
Adolescents’ Views of Citizenship Education in Spain Messina, C., Navarro, A, & Jacott, L. CiCe Publications 2007
An Analysis of Television Programmes for Children Broadcast in Hungary and Turkey Pembecioglu Öcel, N., Gocsál, A., & Tóth, R. CiCe Publications 2007
Approaches to the Education of Asylum Seeker Children in Slovakia and the UK: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Foster, R., & Kovalcikova, I. CiCe Publications 2007
Art Education as a Space to Improve us as Citizens? Zikmundova, V. CiCe Publications 2007
Being a Teacher in Post-Modern Times: A Comparative Study in Italy, Slovakia, Turkey Chistolini, S., Kovalciková, I., Aktan Kerem, E., & Aypay, A. CiCe Publications 2007
Changes in Students’ Values in Estonia Haav, K. CiCe Publications 2007
Children as Citizens: An Introduction Holden, C CiCe Publications 2007
Children’s Concerns: Voices from Spain – Children’s Hopes and Fears for their Future Naval, C., & Repáraz, C. CiCe Publications 2007
Children’s Hopes and Fears in the Ukraine Nikolayenko, O. CiCe Publications 2007
Children’s Understanding of Pupils’ Responsibility – A Self-Responsibility Model Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz, B. CiCe Publications 2007
Citizens of the Future: South Africa Claire, H. CiCe Publications 2007
Citizens of the Future: The Concerns and Actions of Young People around Current European and Global Issues: Preliminary Results from Catalan Teacher Trainees Dooly, M. CiCe Publications 2007
Citizenship Education as a Challenge in Kindergarten Teacher Education Korhonen, R., & Graeffe, L. CiCe Publications 2007
Citizenship Education in the Integrated Curriculum Andersone, R. CiCe Publications 2007
Co-Teaching Citizenship Within the Process of European Integration: The Romanian Experiences of Formal and Non-Formal Education Filimon, L., Danciu, M., Popa, C., & Laurian, S. CiCe Publications 2007
Cold Hearted Cynics vs Concerned Citizens: Re-Visiting the Notion of Social-Political Cynicism and its Relationship to Citizenship Berkics, M. CiCe Publications 2007
Communicative Competences as an Instrument for European Identity Lobanova, T., & Shunin, Y. CiCe Publications 2007
Community Sport Coaching and Citizenship Education: Educating the Coaches Blundell, D., & Cunningham, P. CiCe Publications 2007
Cross-Cultural Learning and Citizenship Berg, W., & Gonçalves, S. CiCe Publications 2007
Developing Professional Competences Through Building Narratives of Life Experiences Rubinstein Reich, L., Eriksson Sjöö, T., Fresko, B., & Sild Lönroth, C. CiCe Publications 2007
Developing Students’ Citizenship Skills Through Recognition of Voluntary Community Work Muldoon, R. CiCe Publications 2007
Educating Global Citizens: Exploring Citizenship Dimensions of Multicultural Classrooms Issa, T. CiCe Publications 2007
Education, Dentistry and Social Work: Interactive and Continuous Assessment for Development of Professional Competence Christersson, C., Hallstedt, P-A., Hartsmar, N., Högström, M., Malmberg, C., & Mattheos, N. CiCe Publications 2007
Emotional Capital: A Crucial Capital for a Citizenship Society with Personal, Social and Economic Returns Gendron, B. CiCe Publications 2007
Ethics of Commercials – The Way we Change the Truth for Children: Infantilisation and Idealisation of the World Pembecioglu Öcel, N. CiCe Publications 2007
Ethnic Diversity: Perception, Attitudes and Initial Teacher Education Díaz, C. CiCe Publications 2007
Exclusion or Inclusion at School as Consequence of Economic Hardship in Childhood Fernqvist, S., von Gerber, C., & Näsman, E. CiCe Publications 2007
Gender Differences in Competition in Childhood: Coping with Winning and Losing Sándor, M., & Fülöp, M. CiCe Publications 2007
Gender Differences: Society, Culture, Language Tatarinceva, A., & Blumenau, N. CiCe Publications 2007
Gender Profiles in Children – How Fifth Elementary Grade Students Attribute Roles to Cypriot Men and Women Koutselini, M., & Neophytou, L. CiCe Publications 2007
Good Citizens? The Darker Side of Hungarian Competitive Business Life Orosz, G. CiCe Publications 2007
Hopes and Fears for the Future: Voices of Children from Kyrgyzstan Joldoshalieva, R., & Shamatov, D. CiCe Publications 2007
How to Empower Disadvantaged People Schramm, F., & Berg, W. CiCe Publications 2007
Human and Animal Welfare: A Computer Game as a Tool to Enhance Moral Sensitivity Svingby, G., & Jönsson, R. CiCe Publications 2007
Integration of Chinese Immigrant Children in Four Countries: Germany, Hungary, Spain and the UK Fülöp, M., Goodwin, R., Nguyen Luu, L., Goebels, K., Rojo, L-M., Grad, H., & Berkics, M. CiCe Publications 2007
Intercultural Dialogue as a Basis for the Development of Citizenship Chehlova, Z. CiCe Publications 2007
Intercultural Encounters: A Cross-Atlantic Asynchronous Web-Mediated Discussion on Literary Texts Lundgren, U. CiCe Publications 2007
Legitimacy or Political Mobilisation? A Critical Analysis of Norwegian Social Studies Textbooks Børhaug, K. CiCe Publications 2007
Making the Links: The Relationship Between Learning About the Holocaust and Contemporary Anti-Semitism Maitles, H., & Cowan, P. CiCe Publications 2007
Minority Students and Equal Opportunities in Education: Equality as a Step Towards Acquiring Full Citizenship Essomba, M. CiCe Publications 2007
National Strategies on Citizenship Related Competencies in Higher Education: A Comparison of Poland, UK, Hungary and Portugal Gifford, C., Wolodzko, E., Goncalves, S., & Gocsal, A. CiCe Publications 2007
National and Regional Citizenship Identities: A Study of Post-Communist Youth Tereshchenko, A. CiCe Publications 2007
Peace Education in North Cyprus: A Phenomenological Approach Karahasan, H., & Sat, A. CiCe Publications 2007
Problems of Civic Education in Latvia Rone, S., & Liduma, A. CiCe Publications 2007
Promoting the Pupil Voice: How do Spanish Young People Become Active Citizens? Some Reflections About Life-long Learning for Democratic Citizenship Maiztegui Oñate, C., & Gómez Marroquín, I. CiCe Publications 2007
Raising the Profile of Language and Identity in Learning During Student Teacher Education Mary, L., & Young, A. CiCe Publications 2007
Social Distance and Communicative Relationships Between Nationalities in Latvia: A Psychological Analysis Vidnere, M., Igonin, D., & Plotka, I. CiCe Publications 2007
Social Identity Processes Among Young Immigrant Women in Sweden Haghverdian, S. CiCe Publications 2007
Social Identity Theory and the Active Self in Theoretical Context: A Proposed Curriculum for Undergraduate Personality Courses Fortlouis Wood, L. CiCe Publications 2007
Starting with Citizenship in Schools: The Social Inclusion of Immigrant Children via an Alternative Dual Language Program Winstead, L. CiCe Publications 2007
Stereotypes in Civic Journalism Kvieskaite, E. CiCe Publications 2007
Teachers’ Subjective Well-Being as an Influential Factor in Feeling Responsible for Students’ Achievement at School Lašek, J., Loudová, I., & Vacek, P. CiCe Publications 2007
Teaching Citizenship in the Greek Higher Education Level: Talking About Political Socialization Karamarianos, J., & Spinthourakis, J. CiCe Publications 2007
Teenagers’ Values Orientation as a Basis for the Development of Latvian Civil Society Marchenoka, M., & Erliha, S. CiCe Publications 2007
The Adult Education of Immigrants to the Czech Republic Petrucijova, J., & Meciar, M. CiCe Publications 2007
The Distorted Image of the World Through Magical Characters and TV Serials: The Child’s Point of View Pembecioglu Öcel, N. CiCe Publications 2007
The Experience and Issues of Citizenship Education in the Higher Education in Latvia Jurgena, I., & Mikainis, Z. CiCe Publications 2007
The Meaning of Money: Differences Between Bullies, Victims and Control Group Students Kõiv, K. CiCe Publications 2007
The Meaning of Multiple Intelligence and Music for the Design of a Multiple Choice Identity in a Hybrid Society Kratsborn, W. CiCe Publications 2007
The Organisation of School Activity and the Social and Moral Development of Pupils Lazar, M. CiCe Publications 2007
The Preschool Teacher as an Object of Attachment Prosen, S., & Pergar Kušcer, M. CiCe Publications 2007
The Rights of the Child: A European Invention of Universal Significance? Fumat, Y. CiCe Publications 2007
The Tolerance Level of High School Students Kartal, O., Saygili, S., Gökçen, E., Özdemir, S., Ates, R., Attila, S., & Kincal, R. CiCe Publications 2007
Where Do Young People Come Together: A Study of How the Public Spaces Rooms Are Used by Older Teenagers in an Urban Environment Svensson, I-M., & Welwert, G. CiCe Publications 2007
Why do they Never Listen to us! Participation and Democratic Practice in Schools Maitles, H., & Deuchar, R. CiCe Publications 2007
‘For People So Young They Had So Much To Offer’: Implementing Active Citizenship in the UK Undergraduate Social Science Curriculum Watt, P., Gifford, C., Koster, S., & Clark, W. CiCe Publications 2007


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