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2006 Riga (76 records)

Title Author Publisher Year Link
A conceptualisation of the political for contemporary Europe Nones, A. CiCe Publications 2006
Are Pupils Taking a Proactive Part in the School Social Life Popular Within Their Peer Group? Krzywozs-Rynkiewicz, B. CiCe Publications 2006
Assessing and developing teacher’s multicultural competence as a dimension of global citizenship Spinthourakis, J., Karatzia-Stavlioti, E. CiCe Publications 2006
Barriers to employability for refugee teachers in England Cunningham, P. CiCe Publications 2006
Bullies, victims and control group students: A comparison of different types of prosocial behaviour in peer and teacher-pupil relations Kõiv, K. CiCe Publications 2006
Changes in Identity Roland-Levy, C. CiCe Publications 2006
Changing Migration Patterns in the UK: Implications for Education Rutter, J. CiCe Publications 2006
Children’s Choice: A Discourse Analysis of the Citizenship Issues in Turkey Pembecioğlu Öcel, N., Nezih Orhon, E., Özmen, S. CiCe Publications 2006
Children’s Views of Family and Institutional Socialization on Competition and Cooperation Sandor, M. CiCe Publications 2006
Child’s identity and citizenship begins in the early years Korhonen, R., Hegstrup, S. CiCe Publications 2006
Citizenship Education at Schools in Multicultural settings: The Construction of Identity among Teenager from Minority Groups Àngel Essomba, M. CiCe Publications 2006
Citizenship Education: An Examination of the Relationship between the Crick Report and Policy Implementation in the UK Miles, S. CiCe Publications 2006
Citizenship and Identity Education in Ireland in the Post-Celtic Tiger era: impacts and possibilities. Rami, J., Lalor, J. CiCe Publications 2006
Citizenship, arts and culture education on the web: what projects are mediated by the ‘virtual space’ for teaching practice and children’s activities? Masek, J., Zikmundova, V. CiCe Publications 2006
Citizenship: concept and education in France and in England Luna, G. CiCe Publications 2006
Contradictory Messages of the Media: A Compare and Contrast Study of the Child Identity Represented by Press and TV Pembecioğlu Öcel, N., Nezih Orhon, E. CiCe Publications 2006
Cross-Cultural Understandings from Social Psychology on Cooperation and Competition. Fülöp, M., Sándor, M. CiCe Publications 2006
Do Learning Experiences Lead to Constructive Citizenship? Koke, T CiCe Publications 2006
Does knowing the ethnic context make instruction in citizenship more effective - or just exacerbate prejudices? Kovalčíková, I., Kresila, J. CiCe Publications 2006
Educating Global Citizens: A case study of a bilingual nursery school Issa, T. CiCe Publications 2006
Educating for sustainable development in France through the social sciences Tutiaux-Guillon, N. CiCe Publications 2006
Education Choice: for/or between Citizenship and Consumption Bezenšek, J. CiCe Publications 2006
Europe and the World: issues for citizenship education Ross, A. CiCe Publications 2006
Evaluation of Instrument of Cross-cultural Curriculum Research: Supporting Validity and Reliability Jonusaite, S. CiCe Publications 2006
Experiences of citizenship education at school and perspectives on citizenship amongst social science undergraduates Watt, P., Gifford, C., Koster, S. CiCe Publications 2006
Gender differences in attitudes towards social activities in college students Gocsál, A., Huszár, A. CiCe Publications 2006
Gender mainstreaming in the mass media: European and global gender profile Koutselini, M., Papastephanou, M., Papaioannou, M. CiCe Publications 2006
Global Citizenship: What does this got to do with me? Kolenc-Kolnik, K. CiCe Publications 2006
How Teachers and Students Feel and Understand the Ethical Dimension of the Teacher’s Profession Vacek, P., Lašek, J CiCe Publications 2006
Intercultural Communication in the Civil Services in Greece: The opinion of the civil servants Nikolaou, G., Spinthourakis, J. CiCe Publications 2006
Intercultural Education: Cases of good practice in Iceland Rúnarsdóttir, E., Ingvarsdóttir, H., Adalbjarnardóttir, S. CiCe Publications 2006
Intercultural Teacher - a case study of a course Lundgren, U. CiCe Publications 2006
It’s all in the game: The European project ‘Multiple choice identity’, educational gaming and a win-win-situation Kratsbourn, W. CiCe Publications 2006
Knowledge and Language Development: Students discussing how Physical Geography and Geomorphology have influence on life conditions and human activities Hartsmar, N., Nilsson, J. CiCe Publications 2006
Language learning and Cultural Diversity in the Educational System Ivashkins, I., Lismane, I. CiCe Publications 2006
Learning one world: or: What is an active citizen? Berg, W. CiCe Publications 2006
Media related childhood – part of school or out of school? Pohjola, K. CiCe Publications 2006
Multicultural education in Poland – case studies of good practice Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz, B., Wolodzko, E., Strzemecka-Kata, J. CiCe Publications 2006
National cultures, educational policies and professional school practice Ross, A. CiCe Publications 2006
Open your mind: Planning the dynamics of intercultural education. Misiejuk, D. CiCe Publications 2006
Pedagogical challenges and possibilities in film and media education with consumer/citizenship education Graeffe, L. CiCe Publications 2006
Personal Identity between Universality And Contingency Kroflic, R. CiCe Publications 2006
Postmodernity and Globalization through Education: in search of a new critical citizenship Nikolakaki, M. CiCe Publications 2006
Pro-social competencies and Citizenship Education Lastrucci, E. CiCe Publications 2006
Pupils’ identities in some European contexts: An exploratory study in a UK and Belgian school Pinto, M. CiCe Publications 2006
Raising awareness of citizenship related competences in higher education: First steps and contributions from the working group Goncalves, S., Gifford, C., Wolodzko, E., Gocsal, A. CiCe Publications 2006
Role of ethnic communicative competence in the development of crosscultural relations Vidnere, M., Igonin, D., Plotka, I. CiCe Publications 2006
Self-Responsibility and being responsible for your own money – Children’s and Parents’ Perspectives Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz, B., Pyskiewicz-Kowalska, R. CiCe Publications 2006
Shared Heritages? Investigating Ways of Life in the Past to Promote European Consciousness with Children in Primary Schools Harnett, P. CiCe Publications 2006
Social Representations of Citizen of Europe and of the World with Romanian students Filimon, L., Danciu, M. CiCe Publications 2006
Starting from home: Analysis of an education faculty’s process of internationalisation Dooly, M., Villanueva, M. CiCe Publications 2006
TEAM-in-Europe: Case Studies of Good Practice in Greece Spinthourakis, J., Stavlioti-Karatzia, E., Karras, J., Papoulia-Tzelepi, P. CiCe Publications 2006
Teacher Education for the Schools of Tomorrow Píšová, M. CiCe Publications 2006
Teachers’ discourses in relation to cooperation and competition Smart, S., Read, B., Pergar Kuscer, M. CiCe Publications 2006
Teaching European and Global Citizenship across the Curriculum: Content Based Language Instruction Aksit, N. CiCe Publications 2006
Teaching European and World Citizenship at Elementary Schools Using Children’s Literature Luisa Freitas, M. CiCe Publications 2006
Teaching Global Citizenship in secondary schools Maiztegui Oñate, C. CiCe Publications 2006
Teaching history at elementary school: how to develop historical understanding Santos Sole, M. CiCe Publications 2006
The Development of Citizenship for Senior Form Students in the Schools of National Minorities Chehlova, Z. CiCe Publications 2006
The Development of Citizenship in the Latvian Educational System Rone, S., Liduma, A. CiCe Publications 2006
The Development of the Ethical Ideals of Senior Form Students as the Basis of Citizenship Chehlov, M. CiCe Publications 2006
The Historical development of Citizenship Education and the Contemporary Situation in the Latvian Higher Teacher Education within the European Context Jurgena, I., Lucina, Z. CiCe Publications 2006
The Image of Ideal Child and Ideal Citizen in Turkish Films: Any Changes Between the Past and Present? Pembecioğlu Öcel, N. CiCe Publications 2006
The Pedagogy of Reggio Emilia: Developmentally appropriate practice through the looking glass of Dewey’s democracy Dýrfjörð, K. CiCe Publications 2006
The Role of Civic Communication in Teaching World Citizenship Zaleskene, I. CiCe Publications 2006
The Strategic Role of ICTs in the European Union Society of Citizens Kamarianos, J., Spinthourakis, J. CiCe Publications 2006
The politics of memory and forgetting in history textbooks: Towards a pedagogy of reconciliation and peace in divided Cyprus Karahassan, H., Zembylas, M. CiCe Publications 2006
The rewriting of Latvian history – an overview of the educational journal Soviet Latvian School Abens, A. CiCe Publications 2006
The social deprivation of teachers in Italy, Belgium, Cyprus, Libya Chistolini, S., Verkest, H. CiCe Publications 2006
Working interdisciplinary with students in the main subject Geographical and environmental learning Svensson, I., Welwert, G. CiCe Publications 2006
World citizenship as an educational project: From Weltschmertz to Rap Hegstrup, S CiCe Publications 2006
Young children’s concerns for the future – a challenge for teacher students Elm, A. CiCe Publications 2006
‘It has to come from the heart’: Character education in playschools Síta Pétursdóttir, S. CiCe Publications 2006
‘It is a way of life’ - Notions of Good Multicultural practice in initial teacher education and curriculum delivery in England Maylor, U., Ross, A., Rollock, N. CiCe Publications 2006
‘Treat others as you want to be treated’ - Three playschool teachers views on ethics and religious education in Icelandic playschools Dýrfjörð, K. CiCe Publications 2006
‘We’ve got rights, we’re citizens now!’: a case study of a democratic approach to learning in a secondary class in the West of Scotland Maitles, H. CiCe Publications 2006


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