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2005 Ljubljana (73 records)

Title Author Publisher Year Link
'Culture, Citizenship and Curriculum 1': early understandings from British secondary schools Alice Pettigrew CiCe Publications 2005
'No school left behind' Rob Foster CiCe Publications 2005
A wider perspective on public space Inge-Marie Svensson, Gunnilla Welwert CiCe Publications 2005
An analysis of how citizenship education is implemented Christine Roland-Lévy CiCe Publications 2005
Attitudes of Slovenian teachers towards Romany children Irena Lesar CiCe Publications 2005
Challenges facing citizenship education in (post) conflict areas: a comparison between Northern Ireland and Palestine Rana Alhelsi CiCe Publications 2005
Challenging discrimination: does holocaust education in the primary years have an effect on pupils’ citizenship values in their first year of secondary schooling? Paula Cowan, Henry Maitles CiCe Publications 2005
Children’s Participation in Decision Making in Slovene Kindergartens Turnšek, N. CiCe Publications 2007
Children’s right to physical immunity: the legislative situation in Estonia and its implications for education Merle Taimalu CiCe Publications 2005
Citizenship Education: an analysis of some experiences in the Basque country Concha Maiztegui Oñate CiCe Publications 2005
Citizenship and Non-Formal Education: The Effective Engagement Between The School and the Community (Contexts, Purposes and Dynamics) Miquel Angel Essomba CiCe Publications 2005
Citizenship and environmental education Jan Lorencovic, Eva Lorencovicová, CiCe Publications 2005
Citizenship education and the multicultural dimension: strategies for the secondary classroom Tözün Issa CiCe Publications 2005
Citizenship education in the secondary school: Latvian experience and problems Inese Jurgena, Zigurds Mikainis CiCe Publications 2005
Citizen’s alternatives for participation in Finnish social studies textbooks for compulsory and senior secondary schools Arja Virta CiCe Publications 2005
Class Council Elections – Criteria for making civic decisions by teenagers: Explicit and implicit attitudes Beata Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz CiCe Publications 2005
Competition in the classroom: primary school teachers’ view in Hungary, Slovenia and the UK Mónika Sándor, Márta Fülöp CiCe Publications 2005
Cooperative Learning and Citizenship Education in the Primary School Maria Glória Solé, Maria Luísa Freitas CiCe Publications 2005
Creating new pathways: citizenship education in Turkey Necmi Aksit CiCe Publications 2005
Cross-cultural learning and managing diversity Wolfgang Berg CiCe Publications 2005
Dare to trust the pupils’ minds Gunnar Iselau CiCe Publications 2005
Developing children’s social competences in the Danish school system Annette Kastrup Pedersen, Connie Stendal Rasmussen CiCe Publications 2005
Different discourses of citizenship – teachers and trainers in several European countries Marcel Meciar CiCe Publications 2005
Does intercultural education as a medium of citizenship education lead to student integration? Panagiotis Moustairas, Julia Spinthourakis CiCe Publications 2005
Does teaching in Geography contribute to understanding Sustainable Development? Maja Lundahl, Anders Olsson, Inge-Marie Svensson CiCe Publications 2005
Education for citizenship in the multicultural society of Latvia Zoja Chehlova, Ivana Popova CiCe Publications 2005
Experiential teaching versus transmissive teaching of citizenship Iveta Kovalcíková, Juraj Kresila CiCe Publications 2005
How much is a smile? 15 year-old Swedish pupils’ view of solidarity and responsibility Bodil Liljefors Persson, Rune Jönsson CiCe Publications 2005
Human flourishing in contested space: citizenship studies ab initio Eilís Ward CiCe Publications 2005
Identity, citizenship and socio-moral excellence: the role of higher education Susana Gonçalves CiCe Publications 2005
Improving opportunity, strengthening society: government policy, children’s voices Peter Cunningham CiCe Publications 2005
Individualism/collectivism and teachers’ perceptions of children in primary school Simona Prosen, Marjanca Pergar Kuscer CiCe Publications 2005
Inequality and teachers’ beliefs: the reality of equal opportunities in Polish Schools Grzegorz Mazurkiewicz CiCe Publications 2005
Interactive work with street children as a way to teach citizenship Maria Sosnina CiCe Publications 2005
Intercultural communication skills and students’ attitudes: transnational projects as an instrument in citizenship education Melinda A. Dooly, Maria Villanueva CiCe Publications 2005
Introduction: Constructing Citizenship through Teaching Alistair Ross CiCe Publications 2005
Is the xenophobia of Slovenian society reflected in teachers’ attitudes towards migrant and Romany students? Mojca Pecek Cuk CiCe Publications 2005
Learners’ democratic competence Vilgot Oscarsson CiCe Publications 2005
Minorities In Poland Beata Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz, Elzbieta Wołodzko, Joanna Strzemecka-Kata CiCe Publications 2005
National Policy and Practitioner Practice in Multicultural Education Sigrun Adalbjarnardottir, Eyrun Maria Runarsdottir, Hafdis Ingvarsdottir CiCe Publications 2005
National Policy and Practitioner practice in Greece Julia Spinthourakis, Panyota Papoulia-Tzelepi, Eleni Stavlioti-Karatzia, John Karras CiCe Publications 2005
National policy and practitioner practice in the UK Uvanney Maylor, Alistair Ross, Merryn Hutchings CiCe Publications 2005
Negotiating identity and citizenship in teacher education Anne-Mari Folkesson, Nanny Hartsmar CiCe Publications 2005
New Concepts of Authority and Citizen Education Robi Kroflic CiCe Publications 2005
Pluralism in divided societies – citizenship education and social work with care experienced young people in Northern Ireland Joe Duffy CiCe Publications 2005
Political competencies and childhood citizenship Manuel Jacinto Sarmento, Catarina Tomás, Natália Fernandes Soares CiCe Publications 2005
Primary School Children’s Views of Cooperation and Competition in England, Slovenia and Hungary: comparisons by country and by gender Sarah Smart, Barbara Read, Alistair Ross CiCe Publications 2005
Primary Teachers’ Views of Cooperation Cveta Razdevsek-Pucko, Marjanca Pergar Kuscer CiCe Publications 2005
Religious education in Icelandic playschools Kristín Dyrfjörd CiCe Publications 2005
Students’ perceptions of effective citizenship education and schools curriculum Eleni Stavlioti-Karatzia, Julia Spinthourakis CiCe Publications 2005
Teacher Education and Multiculturalism in Europe: National Policy and Practitioner practice in France Jean-Philippe Fons, Gilles Leydier, Géraldine Bozec CiCe Publications 2005
Teachers’ concepts of protection and their protective activities in schools Jan Łuczynski, CiCe Publications 2005
Teaching Active Citizenship: a Cross-Sectional Study Letitia Filimon, Magda Danciu CiCe Publications 2005
Teaching citizenship and democracy: a new system of concepts for Estonia and the EU Kaarel Haav CiCe Publications 2005
Teaching citizenship in the pre-school educational process Riitta Korhonen CiCe Publications 2005
Teaching citizenship through learning about people’s lives in the past Penelope Harnett, Elizabeth Newman CiCe Publications 2005
Teaching citizenship through the geography curriculum and active learning Karmen Kolenc-Kolnik CiCe Publications 2005
Teaching citizenship with a collaborative computer game Gunilla Svingby CiCe Publications 2005
Teaching new citizens: challenges and opportunities Hafdis Ingvarsdottir, Eyrun Maria Runarsdottir, Sigrun Adalbjarnardottir CiCe Publications 2005
The Bologna Process: implications for citizenship teacher education community-service learning projects Maria Luísa Freitas CiCe Publications 2005
The Citizenship Challenge: educating children about the 'real world and real issues' Cathie Holden CiCe Publications 2005
The Intercultural Teacher Ulla Lundgren CiCe Publications 2005
The Notion of Political Representation in Primary School Children and Teaching Implications Maria Latzaki, Sarantis Chelmis CiCe Publications 2005
The debate on secularism in France and its implications for education towards citizenship Yveline Fumat, Marion Rondot CiCe Publications 2005
The development of citizenship attitudes and values Mary Koutselini CiCe Publications 2005
The ethical dimension in the teaching profession Pavel Vacek, Jan Lasek, Jana Dolezalová CiCe Publications 2005
The pedagogical aspect of multicultural civic integration in Latvia Sandra Rone CiCe Publications 2005
The professional status of teachers in three countries: Italy, the USA and Poland Sandra Chistolini, Elzbieta Wolodzko CiCe Publications 2005
The role of ‘us’ and ‘others’ as reflected in teachers’ celebratory speeches on national holidays E. Goulas, J.A. Spinthourakis CiCe Publications 2005
The unique class in the urban school: a device for the integration of citizenship education in everyday teaching? Richard Étienne CiCe Publications 2005
Transmission of cultural heritage on the Polish and Belorussian borderland Dorota Misiejuk, Miroslaw Sobecki CiCe Publications 2005
Workshop: Similarity and diversity in Europe Otto Stoik CiCe Publications 2005
‘Look at me! Here I am’: Including children with special needs in European school projects Marko Strle CiCe Publications 2005


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