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2002 Budapest (46 records)

Title Author Publisher Year Link
A democratic perspective of educational change: self-evaluation and the clarification of values Randi Andersen CiCe Publications 2002
A gathering of equals: a workshop of how to create communities of democratic enquiry in the classroom Katner, Garth and Temes, Peter CiCe Publications 2002
A process from accounts to reflections: working with a multicultural group of 72 teacher students Hartsmar, Nanny CiCe Publications 2002
Active Learning in Citizenship Education: Student Teacher Perceptions Clarke, M & Killeavy, M CiCe Publications 2002
An Analysis of primary school children's attitudes to citizenship and implications for teacher education Hana Lukasova-Kantorkova, Martina Rozsypalova, Marta Sigutova CiCe Publications 2002
An intervention program for the development of children's argumentative competencies upon socio-moral dilemmas Chelmis, Sarantis CiCe Publications 2002
Analysis of adolescents' attitudes and opinions: the pre-conditions for effective education for citizenship Pavel Vacek, Jan Lasek, CiCe Publications 2002
Analysis of pictures in reading textbooks for 6-year-old children Gocsal, Akosl CiCe Publications 2002
Attitudes and Identity: A Comparative Study of the Perspectives of European Children Beata Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz, Cathie Holden, Panayotta Papoulia-Tzelepi and Julia Spinthourakis, Maria Luisa de Freitas, Hugo Verkest, Marjanca Pergar Ku CiCe Publications 2002
Becoming European with the Euro: Teenagers attitudes before and after 2002. Christine Roland-Lévy CiCe Publications 2002
Building culture in the classroom: the role of Romany assistants in the Romany classroom Iveta Kovalcikova, Juraj Kresila, Alica Petrasova CiCe Publications 2002
Can primary socialisation be democratic? Fumat, Yveline CiCe Publications 2002
Citizenship Education in the New Interdisciplinary National Curriculum of Greece Chelmis, S & Matsagouras, E CiCe Publications 2002
Citizenship education and non-citizens: learning about asylum-seekers and refugees in the UK Jill Rutter CiCe Publications 2002
Citizenship education in the UK: a radical alternative or failed communitarian experiment? Jill Rutter CiCe Publications 2002
Citizenship education: the role of media environments in active learning Jan Mašek CiCe Publications 2002
Citizenship in mainly white UK Schools - the marginalisation of the minority ethnic voice Carroll, Pam CiCe Publications 2002
Creating a new culture of communication Sarantis Chelmis, Marie Clarke, Riitta Korhonen, Cass Mitchell-Riddle, Sren Hegsrup, CiCe Publications 2002
Cross-cultural rearing. Italian-Swedish young adults experiences of growing up with two cultures. Elisabet Plöjel Westmoreland CiCe Publications 2002
Cultural and civic identities in the context of civic education Jelena Petrucijová CiCe Publications 2002
Cultural identity problem in contemporary pedagogy of Latvia Chehlova, Zoja CiCe Publications 2002
Developing civic dispositions by generating experiences around democratic ideals Doyle Stevick CiCe Publications 2002
Developing consumer citizenship Victoria W. Thoresen CiCe Publications 2002
Development of youth identity in Europe: a Slovenian case Kobal, Darja CiCe Publications 2002
Educational practices, citizenship education and moral regulation: the example of Greek curriculum Karakatsani, Despina CiCe Publications 2002
Experiential Learning in Civic Education Koopmann, F. Klaus CiCe Publications 2002
From Citizens first to'Citizen(ship) education in Europe - education in an European context' Bauer, Thomas CiCe Publications 2002
Identity, culture, and pedagogical thinking in the 1. semester courses at the Institute of Social Education, Slagelse-Denmark. Kirsten Scheel Nielsen, Jesper Froda CiCe Publications 2002
Is teaching history actually aiming at citizenship? Nicole Tutiaux-Guiillon CiCe Publications 2002
Meeting the other Culture Kjaerulff, Helle CiCe Publications 2002
Minority rights in the educational system of the Republic of Slovenia: based upon an example of geographical education Kolenc Kolnik, Karmen CiCe Publications 2002
Music pedagogy for developing national identity and preserving musicality in Latvia Anna Liduma CiCe Publications 2002
Portuguese elementary teachers'perceptions of Portugueseness and Europeaness and the role of social studies Freitas, L, Solé, M-G and de Almeida, A CiCe Publications 2002
Some conclusions from the IEA study for civic education curriculum renewal Edgar Krull CiCe Publications 2002
Teaching about democracy, democratic processes and controversial issues: dilemmas and possibilities. Holden, Cathie CiCe Publications 2002
Teaching controversial issues in context: Greek Cypriot student -teacher perceptions of citizenship Koutselini, Mary CiCe Publications 2002
The challenging process of preparing education professionals to promote citizenship awareness Adalbjarnardottir, Sigrun CiCe Publications 2002
The child today, the ruling citizen of tomorrow Kristín Dýrfjörd CiCe Publications 2002
The influence of home environment and school climate on the participation of students in social actions Constantinos Papanastasiou, Mary Koutselini CiCe Publications 2002
The past, the present and future didactics. A constructivistic field of view in the light of 11 September Wim Kratsborn CiCe Publications 2002
The threat of consumer society: ideas among pedagogues about yuong children's economic learning Elisabet Näsman, Christina von Gerber CiCe Publications 2002
What maps don't say. Deconstructing the political map of Europe with student teachers. Maria Villanueva, Carmen Gonzalo CiCe Publications 2002
Young Europeans in the making - a three-country experiment Fumat, Y & Maz, M CiCe Publications 2002
Young people and citizenship in the European union Dave Edye CiCe Publications 2002
Young people's perception of the competitive and the non-competitive person in a society in social transition Márta Fülöp CiCe Publications 2002
Younger Children's Political Learning: Concept-based approaches versus Issues-based approaches Alistair Ross CiCe Publications 2002


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