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2000 Athens (44 records)

Title Author Publisher Year Link
A cartoon says more than a thousand words Hugo Verkest CiCe 2000
Changing professional practice: A sociology of childhood for the right of children to participate Manuela Ferreira and Maria Emília Vilarinho CiCe Publications 2000
Children's friendships Kim Svendsen, Kirsten Scheel Nielsen, Helle Kjaerulff and Jesper Froda CiCe Publications 2000
Children´s ideas concerning the things they own, their income and their saving - primary school chil Helene Elvstrand CiCe Publications 2000
Citizens of Europe - at home in Europe: An experienced concept for teacher training courses Thomas Bauer CiCe Publications 2000
Citizenship education in context: the role of professional collaboration for citizenship for Europe Mary Koutselini CiCe Publications 2000
Citizenship education in the Irish curriculum: processes of teacher-child interaction in social learning Marie Clarke and Maureen Killeavy CiCe Publications 2000
Citizenship in Slovenia: statements and contents for development Jana Bezensek CiCe Publications 2000
Citizenship, cultural identity, and exclusion Yveline Fumat CiCe Publications 2000
Count on us! Children's economy - a learning project Elisabet Näsman and Christina von Gerber CiCe Publications 2000
Curricula for citizens and for their teachers: processes, objectives or content? Alistair Ross CiCe Publications 2000
Developing citizenship through competence in speech at age 11 Anne-Mari Folkesson CiCe Publications 2000
Developing identities via different social representations: teenagers, unemployment and ideology Christine Roland-Levy CiCe Publications 2000
Developing images of a region through education: Identity and otherness in the Mediterranean Elias Matsagouras and Yiannis Roussakis CiCe Publications 2000
Earning your own money - paid labour among teenagers in Sweden Helén Justeglrd CiCe Publications 2000
Education for democracy and citizenship in the Czech Republic Pavel Vacek CiCe Publications 2000
Education for technological literacy in the modern society Ari Alamäki and Riitta Korhonen CiCe Publications 2000
Enterprising citizens? The perceived interactions and overlaps between citizenship education and ent Ian Davies, Marta Fülöp, Merryn Hutchings, Alistai CiCe Publications 2000
Entrepreneurship Education: should it be taught? Can it be taught? Sharon M Bamford CiCe Publications 2000
History consciousness, social/political identity and European citizenship Emilio Lastrucci CiCe Publications 2000
How to educate pre-school teachers so they are capable of working towards the social development of Noona Elisabeth Jensen and Anne Windfeldt Christia CiCe Publications 2000
Hungarian students' perceptions of the Roma minority Ákos Gocsál CiCe Publications 2000
Identification of the close relations between social educators and 0 - 3 year old citizens in a Dani Sisse Brendstrup CiCe Publications 2000
Integrating topics of citizenship and multicultural values into the curriculum of teacher education Hana Kantorkova and Eva Sikorova with Jan Karaffa, CiCe Publications 2000
Is it really necessary to train teachers to teach civic education? Mojca Pecek CiCe Publications 2000
My life in the 90s - A young person's text faces the authority Nanny Hartsmar CiCe Publications 2000
Replacing purpose with pastiche? On childhood and shifting identity patterns Heinz Hengst CiCe Publications 2000
School evaluation versus the development of professional competence Beata Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz CiCe Publications 2000
Social anthropology within the context of the social sciences - cultural diversity and the educational process Luis Carlos Rodrigues dos Santos CiCe Publications 2000
Social values and the factors that influence students to become elementary school teachers Constantinos Papanastasiou, Elena Papanastasiou CiCe Publications 2000
Some aspects of the national curriculum and the teaching of civic education in the Czech Republic Jan Mašek, Jana Tykalová CiCe Publications 2000
Teacher education for citizenship in Europe, a common module Dave Edye and Graham Copp CiCe Publications 2000
Teachers' perception of the role of competition in their Country: Hungary Japan and the USA Márta Fülöp CiCe 2000  
Ten years later: Greek university student teachers' national and European identities Panayota Papoulia-Tzelepi and Julia Spinthourakis CiCe Publications 2000
Textbooks and Citizenship Education Maria Luísa Amaral Varela de Freitas CiCe Publications 2000
The ideological and political role of the school textbook in constructing national memory Keith Crawford CiCe Publications 2000
The influence of geographical education on multicultural understanding and national identity in the Karmen Kolenc-Kolnik CiCe Publications 2000
The pre-school education curriculum in Finland. How is the social development of children included i Riita Korhonen CiCe Publications 2000
The pro-child project - constructing pedagogical expertise in teacher education by networked discussions Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen, Marja Kankaanranta, Kati Mäkitalo, Päivi Kupila, Pirjo-Liisa Poikonen, Jyväskylän Yliopisto CiCe Publications 2000
To lead a life of one's own: implications for learning and teaching Egbert Daum CiCe Publications 1999
Transfer? Training native speakers for early language teaching Noelle Gaudin, Catherine Hillman and Arlene Neukir CiCe Publications 2000
Who wants to employ a bossy loudmouth? Teachers' pedagogical vision and strategies when promoting students' self-perception and social awareness Eyrún Maria Rúnarsdóttir and Sigrun Adalbjarnardóttir CiCe Publications 2000
Whose citizenship? Developing practical responses to citizenship in the curriculum Ann McCollum CiCe Publications 2000
Young people and changing identities/citizenship in Europe: Citizens 'R' Us? Dave Edye and Graham Copp CiCe Publications 2000


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